Cross-platform notification center Unification now available on Windows8/RT

The cross-platform notification service, Unification, has finally been released for Windows 8 and RT. Eager folks can find and download it from the Windows Store.

The app, created by Liquid Daffodil, aims to unify notifications across Microsoft's Windows platform including: Windows 8, RT, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. By downloading it users will be able to see some of their notifications on every platform. The Unification system aims to capitalize on Microsoft's inability to deliver a Notification Center for any of its platforms.

The app works by developer opt-in, meaning developers need to add a tiny bit of code to their apps if they want notifications to appear in the system.  So far there have been a few opt-ins and more are coming down the line. Right now Cowlick, Gleek and Outsider are some of the popular apps that make use of the service but WPCentral, Pepper and Tasks are just some of the apps that are going through the certification process right now. Users can even contact developers directly from within the Unification app and let them know that they would like to make their apps compatible with the Unification system. 

The whole thing is a very interesting and clever idea made possible by Microsoft's mistakes. As such it will be very interesting to see what happens when Microsoft finally delivers the promised native Notification Center. If you'd like to download the Unification app you can do it by clicking the source link below.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Microsoft Store

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My theory is that Microsoft has been working on a notification system for. WP8 for well over a year now and is poised to be one of the most revolutionary, unobtrusive, expansive, and customizable systems known to man. And in fact it was so genius, that they decided to work tirelessly to put use the same system in W8. Notification system is likely to be finished for WP and will probably be available when the Windows team is nearing completion, to have them released within the same three month window, as to avoid more discontent from users for lack of cross platform synchronicity.

I can only imagine how many different mock-ups, votes, and fights that the WP team got in to while searching for the ultimate implementation of notification system.

Or who knows, maybe its not as much of a priority to them as other features that they are working on, and have built a half assed system.

However, Joe Belfioe is a pretty social guy, and appears to understand customer concern wuite well (he should, as his job depends on the overall popularity and growth of the team), so im willing to bet the former on this one (:

Cross your fingers for excellence!

This is an extremely ugly app.. Why do all apps on Windows phone have black background white text ? Can"t they use another color ?

kinpin said,
This is an extremely ugly app.. Why do all apps on Windows phone have black background white text ? Can"t they use another color ?

Because its clean and for AMOLED screens the pixels turn off for black saving a lot of power. The developer, however, can choose to do whatever they want but most follow these guidelines.

Its a good concept for an app and would be good if they had have taken the time to get other developers onboard first, but even if it linked in with all other 3rd party apps a lot of people still expect it to link in with the system ones (based on wp comments) so yeah 3rd party apps cant provide the notification centre some clients want without MS releasing those apis or a notification centre themselves.

i don't know. i tried but didn't like it. it's another app and not always work. don't know. just not for me, ot probably just not as integrated as should (but again, if so, then needs to be microsoft, not 3rd party.

I dont think Microsoft feels it is a mistake. And for many consumers the live tiles provide them with the notifications they need. But I can understand how powerusers feel different about this. If you're using multiple apps to communicate then its much easier if there is one app/location that provides all notifications.

So personally I dont need this but I do hope Microsoft offers their own notification centre in the near future. I'm sure some people within the company understand this need but it goes against the Original concept of live tiles so its also understandable that there is some reluctance.

The way I see it there is an elegant solution for this. On Windows Phone you can swipe from the right on the startscreen to see the app-list. There is no swipe from the left so they can add a notification-list on that side of the startscreen.

On Windows 8 (where the startmenu is horizontal) it could be a swipe from the top to show all notifications. Afterall they are already adding a swipe from the bottom for the app-list in Windows Blue (to make it more in line with WP).