Crysis 2 announced for PC & consoles

EA have just announced the sequel to 2007's hit PC title, Crysis 2, releasing on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. So far they haven't released any details on the new game or any media.

Crytek's Cevat Yerli did give a brief statement on the game however.

"The development of Crysis 2 marks a major stepping stone for our studio. This is not only the next game in the Crysis franchise; it's the first title we are developing for consoles and the first title being built on CryENGINE 3. We are excited to have the support of EA Partners again as we work together to make the launch of Crysis 2 a huge event."

Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA Partners David DeMartini also gave some quick input into the ongoing relationship with Crytek and the new sequel.

"Nothing speaks more to the success of the EA Partners program than when a studio the caliber of Crytek continues to work with us. Crytek is already one of the elite PC development studios in the world and we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with them in bringing their award-winning technology and gameplay to more platforms and a wider audience with Crysis 2."

EA will present their conference later today (2pm PST) and it's almost certain we'll have more details then. Check this article later for more details.

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Good stuff. I recently starting playing Crysis again after discovering for myself how badly Far Cry 2 sucks.

And I hope they continue to make it easily modifiable so I can keep my minigun that shoots overweight incendiary rounds at 3200 RPM.

I doubt it, this is Crytek we are talking about here, makers of the system breaker Crysis after all they have a reputation to uphold :P

I like that a sequel to Crysis is to be made, but I hope that they don't have to trim the PC's version down too much for the consoles :-( When they do the PC version is always sub-par and the first was really good...

Spartan Erik said,
..and how about no SecuROM this time?? It's the entire reason I missed out on Warhead

There's got to be a better way.

I feel you on that one. While I dug Crysis Warhead was a disappointment with the inclusion of SecuROM.

Beastage said,
Engine is scalable, should it be easier for them to tailor the game to each console and PC .

Engine usually isn't the issue but rather the gameplay itself. I mean they could re-release Crysis and it'd look good still so that's not an issue