Crysis 2 PC DirectX 11 patch coming June 27

PC gamers who were disappointed that Crytek's latest game, the sci-fi shooter sequel Crysis 2, didn't come with DirectX 11 graphics support out of the box will finally have their patience rewarded in the next few days. The game's official community web site has announced that the next patch for the game, 1.9, will finally add support for DirectX 11 graphics when it is released on Monday, June 27. The patch notes for the 1.9 update can also be read on the web site.

Earlier this week, two download files were briefly and mistakenly made available on the MyCrysis web site before Crytek pulled the files. These two download packs will be officially released when the 1.9 patch goes live. The two packs won't be able to work in Crysis 2 without the 1.9 patch. One of the packs adds the actual DirectX 11 features which include tesselation, HDR motion blur, more realistic shadows and more. The other pack will be the high-res texture pack. This will give both DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 versions of the game access to higher resolution art textures. The 1.9 patch will also add a DirectX 11 benchmark level for those PC players who want to get framerate readings on their hardware.

In a chat with Gamasutra, Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli admitted that releasing the PC version of Crysis 2 with just DirectX 9 support in March 2011 "backfired a little bit" because PC users were expecting that the game would be more of a high end experience, graphics wise. The release of the DirectX 11 patch is "a gift to the high-end community" according to Yerli. He added, "It lifts up Crysis 2 and gives a sneak peak of how PC gaming will evolve in the future, if you support a high-end preference."

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As I have not played Crysis 2 yet, I will get to do my very first playthrough with high-res textures and in Directx11! Woohoo! =D

Looking forward to the higher res textures. The directx 11 features are pretty meh though and will just bog down my GPU.

Flawed said,
Looking forward to the higher res textures. The directx 11 features are pretty meh though and will just bog down my GPU.

Same just gonna grab the patch and archive it as I've already beaten them game oh some months ago and replay value didn't do justice for me.

@thenetavenger: Delevopers do what the management tells them to do; management has to find a way to pay devs, hence the reason to tap into the biggest gaming market and design titles around PS3 specs (lowest common denominator).

Well, I brought it at launch but haven't played it yet. So when this patch is released then I'll probably play it but for now Bad Company 2 is keeping me busy.

Sadly, they bought into a false sway in the market and then wrapped their design around the PS3 as the baseline.

They should have started with DX11 or at the very least XBox 360 DirectX which has several of the DX11 features like tensellation that the PC world didn't get until DX11.

Instead they designed around DX9 hardware, as it is the generation of technology that the PS3's PSX is restricted to using. (aka Geforce 7900 underclocked = PSX)

Even with this update, it is not going to offer the 'performance' of a true DX11 title, just like slapping DX10 textures and some DX10 lighting on games designed around a DX9 engine was a crappy experience.

The heart of DX10/DX11is the inherent performance gains at a very core level when the engine is designed to utilized the newer technologies and not just the 'pretty' capabilities of better textures and better lighting.

This is why so many DX9 engine based games with DX10 'effects' added to them ran horribly, where if they had been designed with the DX10 concepts in the engine, they would have been significantly faster, even with all the 'pretty' effects turned on.

And using the PS3's GPU hardware capabilities as the design and baseline for the game was just insane, as the DX9 generation hardware concepts is now over 8 years old. As most game developers know, any Cell CPU advantages of the PS3 are eaten by the offset of providing the same graphical experience that the XBox 360 can deliver rather easily with less CPU power becaue the XENOS in the XBox 360. Which is the base GPU design of the Unified Shader and DX10 and DX11 PC GPU technologies.

So even if they were uncertain about DX10 or DX11, they should have at least used the XBox 360 as baseline, as it is essentially a variation of DX10 with some DX11 features, and they could have provided a more true DX11 experience for PC users, and then downported the engine to the PS3 or left the PS3 alone.

It is sad to see developers bypass and 'miss' the opportunities that DX10 gave them as they thought Vista sucked and lost hope in the PC gamer market, especially after this much time and Win7 and seeing a few companies build from DX10 or DX11 and deliver amazing performance because of the optimization techniques that DX10 and DX11 offers.

I played a castrated game by consoles in March and I don´t feel like playing again just because it get better graphics 3 months later. I just hope the have learn their lesson and we can expect a Crysis 3 for PC and not a ported console version.

Dessimat0r said,
I used to play multiplayer a lot, then the map packs came at like £8 each. Stupid price.

Same here. The multiplayer was pretty fun up until they fragmented the community.

Too little, too late. I'm highly doubting i'll pay for Crysis 3 after this serious debacle. What an absolute sham.

TOO LATE. I already played the game and thought it was kinda ok, but not good.

not going to play again.

i wish i waited, but i though they will deliver sooner, and i played the game extra slow anyway.
but it took way too long!

Not really interested in this anymore.

I got it through Steam, completed single player to quickly, played multiplayer once then deleted it!

Holey said,
Will this still update through steam?

You can't even download it through steam anymore so I don't think it will update

Zulcun said,

You can't even download it through steam anymore so I don't think it will update

Just because it is not offered for sale anymore is no reason to believe Steam will not keep up with the patches. That said I added Crysis 2 to Origin Beta also so I will get the patch in ether case.

Zulcun said,

You can't even download it through steam anymore so I don't think it will update

Crytek confirmed that it will in fact update.

TRC Bear said,
Sorry Crytek, far too late.

Meh, I'll buy it now. Eventually. Got Dungeon Siege 3 and F.E.A.R. 3 to run through at the moment.

Horrible timing.