Crysis 3 announced for spring 2013; pre-orders begin

It's official; developer Crytek is returning once again to the Nanosuit powered Crysis game franchise. The developer is teaming up with publisher Electronic Arts once again to bring us Crysis 3. The game is still a ways off; EA said it will come out sometime in the spring of 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms.

The game finds our hero returning to New York City, which was the setting for the last game in the series Crysis 2. However, the city has been encased in some kind of dome created by the Cell Corporation. EA says that inside this dome, New York has become a "veritable urban rainforest teeming with overgrown trees, dense swamplands and raging rivers."

Naturally, your player character Prophet has to battle more aliens inside this domed city while also trying to find out what the Cell Corporation is up to. The Nanosuit is supposed to have some new abilities to play with along with some new weapons like a composite bow.

Even though the game is about a year away from being released, pre-orders for Crysis 3 are already being taken. If you get the game early you can also unlock the Hunters Edition, which provided an early multiplayer unlock for the signature bow along with other extras,

Image via EA/Crytek

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Crysis 1 = awesome game
Crysis 2 = currently playing but enjoying just as much
Crysis 3 = ??? (hopefully just as awesome, if not better!)

I'm looking forward to it. It took me awhile to complete the campaign in Crysis 2 and it ended a bit prematurely (in terms of the story). I was hoping they'd pick up where they left off but it looks like that won't happen. From what we know so far, there's a 24-year gap between Crysis 2 and 3. A lot has happened between Crysis 1 and 2 and that was only a 3-year gap. Anyway, it'll be interesting to play in a jungle again.

Please for the love of all things holy, make the game for PC primarily and port it to the consoles. Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware is just too antiquated now... don't give us PC owners a crappy console port that doesn't do justice to our rigs.

That is all.

Crytek has the opportunity to reignite their PC gaming fire. They messed up with the launch of Crysis 2 but added high-res textures and DX11 support later. If they have those features when Crysis 3 launches, then it may very well be a solid PC title. Also, it's safe to assume that CryENGINE 3 will be updated with new features when Crysis 3 is released. A lot of the features that have been added recently are PC specific (like better lighting and DX11 tesselation).

Holyyyyyyyyyyyyy.........!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I L O V E CRYSIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cool things about the first Crysis were the bleeding edge gfx and open world. I felt two wasn't quite as good having been dumbed down for consoles (more linear story with console friendly gfx). Two was improved a bit by the hi-rez patch but I don't think it ever quite got back up to the original. If 3 is coming out in 2013 and will still target the Xbox360 and PS3 with their aging gfx hardware then I doubt they'll be able to regain that original sense of awe but hopefully they prove me wrong. Fortunately I have heard that they're moving back toward the more sandbox and less linear story approach that they had in one.