Crysis 3 multiplayer trailer reveals 16-player PC support

Crytek's visual first-person shooter spectacle Crysis 3 is still not expected to land until early 2013, but the trailers are flowing at a steady pace. A new trailer for Crysis 3 has landed, and with it shows off some of the multiplayer stuff we can expect when the game is available. Specifically, this trailer shows off Hunter Mode and Crash-Site Mode, but we won't spoil too much more of the video.

As always the game looks pretty good on the CryEngine 3, and we can't wait to get our hands on it when it launches in February 2013.

Via: PC Gamer

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Im so glad i switched to PC maaaan i wish consoles were never invented. Oh and YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND 1000$ EVERY MONTH TO PLAY A GAME ignorant console gamers.

And you don't HAVE to play at full-tilt-boogie 1080p unless you absolutely have to for various reasons (the type of PC display you have being the most critical) - Crysis 2 looks better, even at 1280x720, than most shooters prior to it or even since. (And the hardware it takes to go that tall is surprisingly plebian.)

And that's the really frightening part.

SteveMackinnon said,
must resist urge to buy a new gaming PC just for this game.....

If your PC is as old as a 360 or PS3 (which is what, 6 years old now) it can run this game just fine. Think about that for a minute

Anaron said,

It may be able to run the game but considering the updates they've made to CryENGINE 3, it'll require a little more this time around:

True, still my point is pretty valid considering the way things went with CryEngine 3 and all (you know, console and PC pretty much the same code wise minus PC exclusive stuff)

SteveMackinnon said,
must resist urge to buy a new gaming PC just for this game.....

Star Citizen uses CryEngine 3 too... so your new PC won't be just for Crysis 3. ;-)