Crysis New Suit Power - Slow Motion

Crytek let the community know about a pretty neat mod that will be coming soon enough that adds a Slow-Down element to the Nanosuit. Have a listen...

"Our community member Shajbot is currently developing a flowgraph for a new Slow-Motion Nanosuit Power that will be usable ingame. Imagine Crysis' nanosuit technology mixing with Max Payne's "bullet time" feature. This new power, obviously, will slow down the world around you, much like other similar powers the community has created. However, this one will drain your suit power a lot slower - like Cloak Mode."

The current status on the project is following:

  • Button triggered slow down time scale
  • Drain energy and stop ability when energy exhausted
  • Global sounds fade a little while in slowmo
  • Sound as when slowmo activated
  • Glow player body as he travel throughs time, when slowmo activated

Even though there is a bit left to be done, the new feature (developed in Flowgraph) already looks pretty neat and play nice according to his feedback. In addition he also released two trailers showcasing his new flowgraph. You can find them here and here.

[Via Crymod]

News source: Planet Crysis

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Erm!? this is stupid, sorry.... but the suit isn't capable of slowing down time, it already has the speed function, which is the equal possible effect to slowing down the enviroment (in comparison by making you faster)

It breaks the logic of the game.

You're being very unfair, Wiggz.

I run Crysis on a vintage 2001 Pentium (Willamette) 2GHz PC with 768MB RAM and a Geforce 7600 (256MB) board. All settings minimum except I set the res to 960 x 600. Crysis looks very good (better than Far Cry at max settings) and plays fine. This is ==> BELOW <== the minimum spec machine.

I'm tired of people saying that Crysis "requires" insane hardware. It's beautifully scalable and will make full use of whatever you've got. On equivalent hardware it looks as good as any other game out there - and it has room to grow. It's amazing how some people can turn this major accomplishment into a negative! I just hope Crytek doesn't get disgusted with you all and give up. One could hardly blame them if they did.


(Arbie said @ #1.2)
I run Crysis on a vintage 2001 Pentium (Willamette) 2GHz PC with 768MB RAM and a Geforce 7600 (256MB) board.

Please, don't say the W word... :ponder: :eek: