Crysis now in stores worldwide!

A day late, but important either way. Crytek's "next-gen" PC FPS masterpiece Crysis should now be in stores pretty much everywhere around the world - North America and Europe included. Here is the press release from EA and Crytek:

The wait is finally over! Today, Electronic Arts Inc. and Crytek announced that Crysis® is now shipping to stores in North America and Europe. Featuring jaw-dropping visuals, industry leading technology and open-ended gameplay, Crysis is set to break new ground in the FPS genre and has already received a 98% from PC Gamer, the highest score ever awarded in the magazine's 14-year history. Crysis is also setting the bar internationally, with a 94% from Gamestar in Germany – in its 10-year history no other game has earned a rating over 94%.

"Crysis is the culmination of the dedication and tenacity of everyone here at Crytek who shared the goal of creating a true next-generation FPS," said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. "Our vision from the beginning was to deliver an immersive, open-ended single-player campaign, to innovate in multiplayer and to give our community a powerful, easy-to-use editor and we're extremely proud of the end result."

"Crysis is nothing short of amazing. It is an innovative, technical achievement that has blown us all away," said David DeMartini, Vice President and Global General Manager, EA Partners. "EA Partners has a long history of working with the most talented independent studios in the world and helping them deliver their creative vision to a mass, global audience and our experience with Crytek is adding to that legacy."

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The complete Crysis package is composed of three primary components:

· An Epic Single Player Campaign – Players are thrust into the middle of a global conflict between the US and North Korea over a mysterious artifact that turns out to be extraterrestrial in nature. Fortunately, players are outfitted with a high tech Nanosuit that allows them to alter their strength, speed, armor and cloaking abilities and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons, helping to even the playing ground against a highly mysterious and intelligent enemy threat.

· Multiplayer Reinvented – Crytek has also focused much of their development efforts in creating two unique multiplayer experiences. PowerStruggle is a new, team-based multiplayer mode where players need to work together strategically to capture resource points throughout the map to win the ultimate arms race for nuclear technology. And for those who are looking for a more action-packed experience Crysis also features Instant Action, traditional deathmatch made even more frenetic as every player is outfitted with the revolutionary Nanosuit.

· CryENGINE 2TM Sandbox Editor – Also included with Crysis is the complete version of Crytek's Sandbox Editor. Extremely powerful with a simple user interface, the editor will give the community full access to one of the most powerful design tools in the industry.

Crysis has been rated 'M' for Mature by the ESRB (Blood and Gore, Language, Violence) and 16+ by PEGI in Europe. Visit and for updated rating information. For more information about the game, log onto or the game's official website at

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UK doesn't get it until friday (woohoo)
I love getting games 2/3 days after America
We also have to wait for assassins creed, which is friday too.

I tried to play the demo few hours... but not getting excited. Sure it looks ok if you have a 8800GTX other than that it's kinda disappointing.

Controls are kinda bad (eg. change armor, car driving)...

To be honest the jungle warfare is not my cup of tea... I know later it gets a bit more scifi, but damn beginning is boring.

That's true. Well, while computers can already run it, question is "How many people have a super computer?"

I'll be capable of playing it by the holidays I hope. Not sure when I'm planning on building my quad-core machine.

It's the law. When Quake came out, little but none computers were able to run it at fullest. Same goes for Quake 2, Quake 3, and the rest. Same story for Crysis, although it does push the limit a bit further, but not that much really.

uh, no.
I can run Crysis right now. All I have is 2GB of DDR2-800, an ASUS P5N32-E SLI, a Core 2 Due E6600 (overclocked), and a pair of 8800GTXs in SLI. If I wanted to I could drop in another 2 GB and a Core 2 Quad, but the game runs just fine as it is. What, you were expecting me to have a few shards of thinking aluminum and a set of hyepr-spatial memory flux capacitors?

yeah it is totally worth it. I mean, even if you are bored and just want to explore the world and mess around. i was playing the demo lastnight, and I could care less about killing the enemies. I was just playing around with this boat that was tinkering on the dock, after it was run aground by the driver. I wanted to drive it, and I needed to find a way to get it water bound. It was a challenge. I eventually gave up since I ran out of resources, so I just blew it up with a fuel barrel....that got it in the water!!

night_stalker_z said,
Besides the graphics, is the game really that good?

Somewhat. Graphics, physics and everything else make the game what it is. I like it so far however. Lots of awe moments through out the game, which makes it worth while.