Curious about Windows 8.1? Watch this video walkthrough

Windows 8.1 hit RTM hit a few days back and even though Microsoft has not made the bits available via official channels, numerous copies of the RTM build have been leaked.  While we know that many of you will likely wait until the bits become available from Microsoft in October, some are pursing these leaked builds to reveal the new features coming down the pipe.

Bavogames has posted to YouTube a video that goes over many of the new features come to Windows 8.1 and we have posted it above for your viewing pleasure.

The video shows off the new wallpaper, a new theme, new shortcuts and many more personalization options.  If you have been curious about Windows 8.1, the video offers a great look into the updated Windows 8 platform.

As with any leaked copy of Windows or any other software, proceed with caution as there is no official support available if you break your install. Of course, if you do have any questions, the Neowin forums are a great resource for help.

Source: Bavogames (YouTube)

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