Cyber Monday was more awesome than last year

If you were one of the lucky ones that picked up a great deal on Cyber Monday, then you participated in the best Cyber Monday ever!

At least that's what IBM is saying in a cool infographic that we've also embedded for your enjoyment; or if you aren't into that type of thing, you can also go here to check out the points raised in the infographic in good old plain text format.

A few stats from the day include a 30.3% rise in online sales compared to same period last year, the peak in shopping was at 11:25am EST and saw a pretty significant 36% rise in consumer spending over Black Friday!

Let us know in the comments how you did on Monday, if you bought anything online during Cyber Monday that is.

Source: IBM News Room

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stevember said,
I was disappointed in the UK retailers.
I was similarly disappointed in US retailers.

I bought a bunch of stuff on BF/CM (both online) last year. I only bought one thing this year, and it wasn't even on sale; I was hoping that it would go on sale, but I was going to purchase it anyway and I needed it by the second week of December.

To be fair, I did try to buy a battery backup last night on Amazon, but every time I got onto the waitlist, I missed when my chance to buy it came up. I was hoping they'd repeat that sale again, just like they kept doing with Halo 4 all weekend.

stevember said,
Or they are shifting shopping habits!
I honestly think that's it. Normal people (non-techies) have just finally begun to--en masse--buy online to avoid the in-store mess. That would explain the sudden difficulty in catching the CM deals on Amazon.

Heh, CM was awesome? Not my experience with Newegg, anyway. CM and BF were both quite disappointing.. I think people just got into a shopping frenzy now that things are looking better in the economy, regardless of what went on sale

Agreed with previous comments disappointing CM. Newegg, Tiger, Etc... I found the same deals I get when I look for deals any other day of the year. Nothing special

It probably peaked and all the sales numbers went up because the sales were crap and the stuff was more expensive. Deals this year were ass. Numbers mean nothing.

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