CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra build 3516 Patch

With CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra, The No.1 Player for High-Definition Movies, you will be able to watch new high-def movies on HD DVDs or Blu-ray Discs experiencing extreme image performance with optimization for the latest graphics cards and exceptional audio quality with 7.1 home theater audio, high-definition Dolby Digital Plus and DTS.

Note: PowerDVD optimizes performance by selecting the appropriate video deinterlacing algorithm for the available processing power. PowerDVD maintains its support for processors below 733 MHz by ensuring that CLEV-2 technology will be turned off by default. PowerDVD's advanced audio and video technologies function better when used with processors above 2 GHz.

Updates List:
Improves Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD title compatibility with PowerDVD Ultra
Enables support for secure BD/HD DVD playback on Intel 965/946 graphics chip with Windows Vista aero-glass interface enabled.

Download: CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra build 3516 Patch
View: Version Comparison
Homepage: Cyberlink

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Who's still using this Crap nowdays..???....Pffff....with great VideoPlayers like Kmplayer, VLC......Stop using this Bloatware......

As of the 3319f build, Cyberlink removed the ability to play HD DVD and Blu-Ray rips from the hard drive. This build didn't fix that. But if you didn't know, it will play those same rips from a mounted ISO. So, there is a bit of a workaround. But there are some seriously pi**ed off Cyberlink customers. They are giving refunds to unsatisfied customers. The bad part is they did this with no warning or explanation.