D-Link manufactured Boxee Box revealed to public

Following up on an earlier announcement, the Boxee website has revealed that it will be partnering with the hardware manufacturer D-Link to bring the open source media center to set-top boxes in users' homes.

The Boxee Box was unveiled at a special event yesterday in Brooklyn, where details regarding the project's official beta were also discussed. The device, pictured below, has the distinctive appearance of a cube half submerged into the surface the unit is placed upon, and it features a number of ports for connecting display and sound devices, but no CD or DVD drive.

Instead, the box's primary interface for removable media is a front-facing SD card slot. As far as connectivity, it has 1 HDMI Connector, 1 Optical (S/PDIF) Audio Out, Composite Audio hookups, 2 USB 2.0 Connectors and 1 Ethernet port, all of which should allow the device to be used with most HDTVs and digital amps.

The device comes without an internal hard drive, but does include a web browser to provide basic access to sites that are not a part of the Boxee App system, which already does include Netflix, flickr, YouTube, Revision 3, TED Talks and dozens of others.

According to PC Magazine, the device's unorthodox design was conceived by Astro, the same company to develop the look of the Xbox 360 and Alienware's distinctive computer cases.

Boxee's chief product officer told PCMag.com that the Boxee Box will be on display at January's CES, and it's expected to ship in the second quarter of 2010 with a price tag around $200. While this is the first hardware device to ship with the media center, Boxee chief Avner Ronen has made it clear that in time the technology will be available on multiple systems.

More information can also be found at D-Link's website for the Boxee Box.

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The design sucks. The previous renders when the device was first mentioned looked far better.

Even though I'm not in the US (Boxee content) I would have been interested in this to run XBMC. The search for a decent box for xbmc continues, but its looking like the ASRock ION 330 is the main contender (for me) now.

I don't like the design, it's neat but very inconvenient. Kind of large too when you look at devices like the WD TV Live (or the mini which will fit in a shirt pocket).

For a design showcase, that's great. But i think this kind of case won't please many potential buyers.

Not adding an optical drive is somehow a boomer for me. I have DVD and DVD-DL with tons of content that I should be able to play in a device like this. Maybe they will support external USB optical drives, but, again, the design of the case would get in the way.

I'm a long time Boxee user - well been using it since it's release anyway and it is great. I currently run it on a normal PC, running Windows 7, that's connected to my big TV.

I'm seriously considering selling that PC and getting one of these when it's released so long as it can still playback 1080p content without any issues. I'm guessing it will be fine with all the content I playback right now though because otherwise this box would just be one big pile of fail.

Would also need to check out it's dimensions to make sure it would fit somewhere - it is an odd shape but I kinda like it.

Well, the design is kind of cool, but I'm not crazy about the top being slanted... The design almost guarantees that it has to be on top of everything, and now you can't place a DVD case or whatever on top... It's a cool looking design, but they clearly went with looks at the expense of usability...