Dark Souls comes to the PC August 24th

It's been rumored for months and now it's official. Kotaku reports that publisher Namco Bandai will indeed release a PC version of its acclaimed fantasy action-RPG Dark Souls. The announcement was made during a press event today. The PC version will be released on August 24th and will use Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service.

No other details about the game were revealed but a new video for the PC edition, shown above, indicates that the port will have some new content compared to the original console versions. The PC version will also get a new name, Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

From Software developed the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Dark Souls as a kind of "spiritual successor" to its previous game Demon's Souls. The console versions were released in Japan in September 2011 and in the US and Europe in October. The game received near universal acclaim for its challenging combat and gameplay, including the fact that there were penalties that had to be taken when a player "died".

Previously Namco Bandai had said there were no plans to release a PC version of Dark Souls but it appears that fans of the game petition the publisher to release a PC port.

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shakey said,

I want these new encounters as DLC for the consoles!!! But if not... PC HERE I COME!

The only problems I had with GFWL is firewall ones. Otherwise it is a nice service and most likely you can buy it through steam, granted still using GFWL tauthenticatete it.

It's actually Dark Souls. It's referred to as Lost Souls several times in the article, yet, the title of the article is correct. Might want to fix that.

I was interested in this game for PC. But then GFWL now means I will not be buying it, horrible service i've been trying to boycott as best I can since losing my saves on Fallout 3 (I know i didn't have to use it on that, but I did and it was a bad move)

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