Dark Souls PC port may not use Games For Windows Live

Earlier in April, Namco Bandai announced that its fantasy RPG Dark Souls would be coming to the PC platform on August 24th. At the time, the publisher said the PC port would use Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service. However, a fan backlash against that move may be causing Namco Bandai to think twice about that decision.

An online petition designed to protest using Games for Windows Live for Dark Souls was put in place and so far it has generated over 20,000 digital signatures. The organizers of the petition stated, "GFWL is a poor choice as it is easily cracked by pirates, and users can find many ways to get around it."

Now Edge Online reports that in an interview with Namco Bandai publishing producer Daisuke Uchiyama, he stated, ""[Live] is the established server that we used for the Xbox 360 version - that's the main reason we picked it. But the partnership decision is still ongoing. We might have another announcement soon regarding the platform we'll be using."

Microsoft has already said it has no plans to retire Games for Windows Live, even though it has already announced it plans to bring its Xbox Live console service to Windows 8 later this year.

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I'm playing it through on the 360 at the moment. Just staying alive is a puzzle in itself! Would love to see it on PC.

I'm happy they're chucking GFWL, it's disgusting. I've had more problems running legitimate games that use GFWL than I have pirated ones that still include GFWL, doesn't that tell you something?

I really hope they do drop it, that would be awesome

I petitioned for it on PC, and lets face it, if nobody buys it because of GFWL, then that would be the last time any developer listens to us PC gamers. So I will buy it with or without GFWL, if for anything for the next game in the series so they release that on PC too after seeing huge sales on the superior platform.

At first I was going to boycott still, but now i came to my senses and realized while GFWL is a pain in the ass, it is manageable, and you can make do.

There went any reason for me to get it for PC. Unless it's dirt cheap. Otherwise, it's better to get the console version, instead.