Data Sense included in Windows Phone 8.1 preview regardless of carrier

Monitoring wireless data usage on smartphones has long been an issue for users, but Microsoft hoped to remedy that with Data Sense on Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, many wireless carriers declined to offer the free app, but now anyone can get it thanks to the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview.

Any user who upgrades his or her phone to the latest version of Microsoft’s new mobile operating system will receive Data Sense, regardless of carrier. Some major carriers, such as AT&T, have refused to offer the app, possibly because it would prevent users from going over their monthly allotments, resulting in extra charges. Some carriers also prefer customers use service-specific offerings, such as the My AT&T app, though many lack the functionality of Data Sense, which provides information on both cellular and Wi-Fi usage.

Carriers will likely still have the option to remove Data Sense from Windows Phone 8.1 when they roll it out to users, meaning some will likely still refuse to offer the app. Neowin has contacted Microsoft inquiring if Data Sense will be optional for carriers; this article will be updated if a response is received.

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So sense I downloaded the developer preview and it was included once the official roll out happens from ATT (including Nokia firmware) will they have the option of removing it from my phone? If so why does MS not offer a way to just download it as an app (possibly as a "developer" app)? I hate that the carriers want to remain against utilizing this as they complain any time you go near your cap so why not let us manage it easier than using their crappy apps?


Screw AT&T and other stupid carriers.

Microsoft seems to be taking back control of WP from the carriers which is a very good thing.

When I had a factory unlocked HTC 8X, the app wasn't included.
A few months later when I bought the Nokia 920, suddenly it was. I've had it for at least a year now.

I also had FM Radio on one of the previous updates on the 920 - still running 8.0 here.

Surprisingly my carrier included Data Sense. However they didn't include FM Radio which I now have thanks to updating to 8.1.

It's not something I'd use very often, but still nice to have.

-adrian- said,
You don't need to use it for the compression but simply as a statistics for your data usage. I love it

Yeah, it's really great to see what's using what...

I'm glad it's finally carrier independent though...

M_Lyons10 said,

Yeah, it's really great to see what's using what...

I'm glad it's finally carrier independent though...

For now using the Preview.... My guess is that, unfortunately, when people will receive the official one with the new firmware carriers will still be able to butcher OS functionalities.

suprNOVA said,
whats your plan? unlimited unlimited or something like 6GB "unlimited"

Believe it's something like that. 5GB at full speed then it slows to 256kbit/s. It's more than I'd ever use normally in any event and can't complain for like $30/month