Daum PotPlayer 1.5.39659

PotPlayer is an extremely light-weight multimedia player for Windows. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Supports almost every available video formats out there. PotPlayer contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include WebCam/Analog/Digital TV devices support, gapless video playback, DXVA, live broadcasting.

Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. A wide range of subtitles are supported and you are also able to capture audio, video, and screenshots. A comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins. It's been described on the Internet as The KMPlayer redux, and it pretty much is.

What's new in this version:

  • Added the ability to set playlist folder
  • Fixed a security problem (remediation of DWMAPI DLL vulnerability)

Download: 32-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.39659 | 15.5 MB (Freeware)
Download: 64-bit Daum PotPlayer 1.5.39659 | 13.6 MB
Download: PotPlayer 1.5.39797 Update | 7.9 MB
Download: +300 PotPlayer skins
View: PotPlayer Homepage

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Glad to hear it's not just me. I went back to the slightly older 1.5.39036, too. I don't appear to be having the issue I mentioned. I hope they release a new bug fixed version soon. Thanks for the e-mail. I might have to contact them.

The latest versions are causing some problems with my PC. It becomes non responsive if I click on different movie files in quick succession. Back to older version.

sanke1 said,
The latest versions are causing some problems with my PC. It becomes non responsive if I click on different movie files in quick succession. Back to older version.

Happens to me as well on 2 different PC's.

Agreed. it's my video player of choice on PC.

it's got hardware acceleration on by default and even putting that aside it's just the little things that make it better than the competition.

I prefer MPC-BE but PotPlayer is always on hand in case I experience a problem or quirk that I need to test in another well-developed media player. PotPlayer is incredibly good.

If anyone needs to contact the developers for any bugs you may have found here is there E mail address and they will respond in English. "ahahlive@hanmail.net" without the quotation marks of course.
Just don't bother sending them any feature requests as the Developers of PotPlayer do not like taking any requests for some strange reason and they will only take your bug reports.

Edited by gate1975mlm, Sep 6 2013, 1:30am :

It's happening with .avi files as well. Is there an option I need to change in order to have it load the video's tag info either as I add it to my playlist, or after I double click on it to play it? I'm looking into trying out the Beta version, but I don't see where you can download the 64 Bit Update, or a 64 Bit version of the Beta. Anyone know where to find it? It seems like the only way you can update to Beta is if you're using the 32 bit version.

I'm having a small bug with the latest version. .Mkv files play fine, but they aren't showing the file name when the video starts and it's not showing the total time in the playlist until I double click on it to load it a second time from the playlist. This only recently started happening after I installed the newest one ontop of the old one. Instead of showing the file name, it says 0/7 or something with numbers. Seems to only be an issue with .mkv, files, I think. Is there an option I need to have checked for reading the video's tag properly? Just a minor annoyance, but I'd still like it fixed. Anyone else having this issue?

thomastmc said,
I prefer the slightly more classy Daum CannabisPlayer 1.5.42000. It's little better quality, a little more laid back.

Never heard of Daum CannabisPlayer before. Do you have a link to there web site?