Day Of Defeat 3.0 Today!

Yes that's right! All you DoD fan boys should (and will be) quivering with excitment, as have announced that v3.0 of the Day Of Defeat MOD for Half-Life will be release today! They're aiming for the Linux version to be released at 11am PST/2pm Eastern, followed by the Windows version at 3pm PST

News source: Official Day Of Defeat Website

EDIT It's now avaliable! Errr.. that's all :) So go get it!

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Beta 3.0 to be released today!
Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2002 by DasJuden
You heard right... after extensive testing Beta 3.0 is ready to go and will be coming your way in a matter of hours. We plan on releasing the linux build at 1PM PST (4PM EST) followed by the Windows client at 3PM PST. Get ready folks, this is a release that shouldn't be overlooked.

that news was old but they did say thursday is it. they already sent the files to the mirrors and fixed hte linux bug