Dell And Tesco Announce European Retail Agreement

On November 17, a user suggested on Dell Ideastorm that the company should “Do A Deal With Tesco”. Just over a month later, it's happening. Beginning next month, Dell notebook and desktop computers will be available in Tesco, a premier international retailer with operations in Europe and Asia. Customers will be able to purchase Dell XPS and Inspiron products in Tesco stores, primarily in the UK, with sales also in Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. With this agreement, customers will be able to click call or visit to shop and purchase Dell products. Dell products will soon be available in more than 10,000 stores and on-line around the globe.

"With over 13 million customers per week shopping at Tesco’s stores, this deal will result in substantial exposure for Dell’s brand and products. Customers like to experience technology first hand, and can now purchase Dell’s award winning products in a Tesco store convenient to them,” said Mark Ormerod, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer business for Dell’s Europe, Middle East and Africa operations.

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Tesco are the scum of the Earth.

They buy land on which Listed building sit, under the agreement to maintain them.. then knock them down when they think that no one is looking so they can build stores on the land.


They better start hiring more security for their stores, a lot of folks in the UK are getting rather angry with them.

i agree with you there!

it makes sence for customers to go to the store with the cheapest price...

HOWEVER other shops (including the chain that i work for) DONT charge stupid prices.... it's just that many other businesses can't compete as Tesco is a monopoly!

Tesco are so succesful as it just has most things under one roof (if you have been to a Tesco Extra its even more extreme)... why would anyone want to drive around 20 places to buy meat/cheese/bread/tv/computer/books/cds etc. then when they get to each place pay more and wasted lots of time driving round those places and burning lots of fuel.

You could even say Tesco are helping the environment by doing this.

Tesco are really annoying me..

Apart from food, they do have an excellent value books,stat,electrical/computing etc..etc.. sections and they are getting WAAY too monopolistic.

I work for a VERY LARGE Ireland-wide stationary and book store chain and we are struggling because of Tesco! If we are struggling, I can only imagine what pain small local bookshops must be going through!!

If Microsoft can get sued for including WMP and IE, then Tesco should get looked at for monopolistic behaviour...for the good of other shops.

PS. The chain I work for is VERY LARGE and if i mentioned it, almost everyone living in Ireland/Northern Ireland would have heard of it; they also have shops in England under a different name....

Your find Tesco and other super markets are already being looked at by the Competition Commision...

Then again, is it Tesco's fault that the shop you work for charges customers stupid prices? I mean, its all about who offers better value for money, and its the customers that choose, and they choose fair prices ;)

ooo, Clubcard points when buying a new Dell!

award winning please... we have Dell now @ staples... all junk. we hardly sell a Dell most are on clearance after less the a month

torrentthief said,
why, so nobody could pop into their local store as there are hardly any somerfield stores, none for 10's of miles from me

however there's a PCwold on practically every corner where you can get one too apparently