Dell CEO: "The interest in Windows 8 is quite high"

We have been getting mixed signals about sales of Windows 8 PCs, but the head of one of the world's biggest PC makers claims that Microsoft's latest OS is doing pretty well.

Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of Dell, spoke today as part of the company's annual Dell World conference in Austin, Texas. Bloomberg reports that, according to Dell, "The interest in Windows 8 is quite high, even among commercial customers ...". Dell has released a number of PCs, laptops and convertibles that were made specifically for Windows 8, such as the XPS 12 notebook, shown above. However, Dell did not give any specifics on its own Windows 8 PC sales.

As far as the overall PC market, which has seen better days, Dell seems confident that the industry will stay strong, saying, "PCs are still how business gets done." In an interview earlier today on the CNBC cable TV channel, Dell also predicted that Windows 8 would keep growing in the months to come. He stated: "With Windows 8 we are quite excited about the future of the PC. There are billion and a half PCs out there, and we believe there’s an upgrade cycle coming.”

Microsoft has already said that the pace of Windows 8 PC upgrades are outdoing that set for Windows 7 so far, but has given no specific upgrade sales numbers.

Source: Bloomberg

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I can't help but think the shock and surprise technology enthusiasts and industry representatives are feeling about consumer interest in Windows 8 is a damning indicator of just how deep the disconnect is between the two.

People have long pointed out that the opinions people have, even here on Neowin, can never be a meaningful reflection of any market, because consumers will always greatly outnumber enthusiasts. While this is occasionally acknowledged, the impact is rarely appreciated.

When articles get headlines like "Surprisingly, touch laptops don't suck" (The Verge), and the critics have taken on a vitriolic, angry and aggressive tone to their assertions, it's time for the reasonable enthusiasts to disown the blogosphere and let it collapse into its own whargarble.

..too coherent

i'll translate for people..

"Wh3re Iz Ma StaRtZ M3NuZ !1111"

I think were looong long past anyone hearing what is said.
Somebody says something and they are ignored and attacked with unrelated crap.
Which is why Win 8 bugs me.. The marketing campaign is nothing short
of a manipulative agenda designed to steam roll detractors.

I am Not PCyr said,

i'll translate for people..

Seriously, don't - reading that bunch of meaningless garbage proves it's beyond your capability. Joshie had a useful point and you obscured it with drivel.

"We have been getting mixed signals about sales of Windows 8 PCs..."

Actually, what we got was a definitive statement from MSFT of 40 million licenses sold in just about a month. The rest of what we've gotten has been 100% Pure Grade-A FUD.

And soon we'll get more official figures (Jan) so we'll know much more. I'm so sick of the speculative headline grabbing stuff - I've no investment in the outcome either way but some facts would be nice..

I had problem having start menu gone. I paid $4 got start8 from stardock and I am happy now. Windows 8 is much faster than Windows 7, has a lot of new features such as built in virtual drive, built-in Hyper-V Class-A Virtualization software. Supports two mode of programming Metro and Desktop and overall IO access is much faster. there are things that could be better, updates for graphics drivers on the way though is not a deal breaker rightnow. but overall I don't want to switch back to Windows 7.

It is not a fashion show, he sounds like there is a large group of people starting at it, there is either sales of Windows 8 or no sales of Windows 8, the rest is just meaningless words.

Interest can mean anything, he can say later that there was high interest but did not materialize to actual sales, or it did materialized to sales, so meaningless CEO crap.

Why did Michael Dell say that the interest is quite high for consumers? Why is it high for businesses? This is not supposed to happen because that's not what bloggers and forums commenters said would happen. I still have hope that Michael Dell is a Microsoft shill and is being paid under the table, but in reality he is scrambling and might be thinking of making all Dell computers run Linux or android. I mean I hear steam is ported to Linux and is able to run awesome games like left for dead. I know it was released 4 years ago, but Linux can actually run a game now without WINE and we have libre office therefore Windows 8 sucks.

I'm wondering why you bothered posting that ?
And all the other snotty one liner commenter's..
If i said the same but opposite i would be a flaming troll lol

I would expect the interest would be quite high considering Win 8 has divided people and put us at war.. I bet tons of people are checking it out just to see what the drama is all about lol

i should have posted a snotty one liner instead lol

I am Not PCyr said,
Here is story you guys can't manipulate or silence..
Hey fanboys go tell Wikipedia their using it wrong lol

Umm, yeah we can do just that, anyone can, that's the point of wikipedia. Maybe use Wikipedia to find out how wikipedia works next time?

Except that with anyone being able to go in an edit it to whatever they want, explain to me how legitimate it is? Besides, I can find just as many articles claiming that Windows 8 works fine and you don't have to be a fanboy to know that. lol.

Fun fact number 1: one of the most beloved and friendliest operating systems, OSX, has no Start Menu and never had one. People never had trouble to use the OSX dock instead to launch apps.

Fun fact number 2: The Start Menu people claim to have back so impassionedly would only show a handful of all the apps you have installed. It would inaccurately predict which are the most used ones and put them visible, hiding all the rest in an All Applications link, which required lots of digging through folders, while the Windows 8 Start Screen can use the whole screen to show them all.

Yep, well I've just bought 80 of the XPS-12 for my staff. They've seen it and Windows 8, and the initial impression was 100% positive.
I was initially worried that Windows 8 would get a bad reaction, based on all the blogs out there talking it down, but as it turns out my instinct was right. Win 8 is really nice to use on the right type of device.

Yes people want Windows 8 PC's and you OEM's were slow in producing them because you thought Windows 8 would be another Vista. Vista was bad because you OEM's didn't support it properly. Which is why you all lost a lot of money. I thought you all learned your lesson...obviously you didn't.

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