Dell consumer notebook delay may last into October-November

Shipment delay problems plaguing Dell may be worse than expected, with a shortage for the company's consumer notebook models likely to last into October or November, according to sources at Taiwan-based retail channels. Retail channels in the Asia-Pacific region are all caught in a shortage of the consumer models, indicating that Dell's initial thrust into the channel market is rather bumpy, the sources stated.

With the company indicating painting problems as one of the main reasons for the long delays in the shipping of its XPS M1330 models, Dell Taiwan recently invited media in Taiwan to visit its lab to explain its quality control in the painting of the color notebooks.

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News source: DigiTimes

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tripleXit probably cuz the 1501 and 1505 are NOT as popular, and are more configurable ... that's just MY guess not fact.

Well this sucks, I just ordered the Dell Inspiron 1720 on August 16th, and the estimate ship date was 9/4 and I was suppose to get it around 9/7-9/11 and so I talked to customer service and asked why it would take so long for me to get my laptop, they were able to switch my shipment to Next Business Day for free and make my order expidate. Hopefully I get it soon.

I work for Dell in the UK as a Account Manager and i must admit this is affecting most of my customers badly especially those who have orders for latitude's and FP monitors. There is current lead times up to 6 weeks on some models. Hopefully this wont last till Oct,Nov as i really cant take the ear ache !!!

I have an order for 25 Latitudes and 5 XPM M1330s through our Accounts manager at Dell for work, the latitudes are scheduled to be delivered on monday but the XPS-M1330s have been delayed again.....the directors aint gonna be happy LMAO

You are lucky! I ordered my M1330 with led screen in late June from Dell UK, they lost the order and I got it reinstated on July 2 with a delivery date of July 17, on July 15 I got an email saying delivery had changed to Aug 20, on Aug 14 had another email saying delivery now is Oct 2.... no apologies. Dell meanwhile had taken the full money from my credit card on July 23. I have phoned to complain on a number of occasions but all I get is a suggestion that I might like to cancel the order!!! What does not help is a friend of mine ordered the same notebook online 2 days ago and got the same delivery date of Oct 2, this in spite of them saying they have a huge backlog of orders.

Dell UK certainly dont seem to be handling this too well and their customer service is is not the most helpful.


You know I don't get it, I got my order quite fast. I got a Dell Inspiron 1520 all loaded without blueray and it came very quickly. Ordered sunday night 7/29 Received on 8/3 with standard 3-5 day shipping from DHL. I also ordered two of my friends a M1330 loaded with LED screens. One of them I ordered on the 8/19 and it has been shipped today 8/23, and the other friend I ordered the 21st and it is still in production, but I imagine it will ship soon as well. Maybe Dell just likes Ohio, or I am the luckiest dell customer in the world.

This is so unlucky
I ordered 2 x Dell Inspiron 1520's at the beginning of July thinking I'd recieve them within 2 weeks of ordering. Unfortunately my order was delayed and delayed again, and I've only just recieved them (23rd August).

Each time I was informed my order would be delayed I rang them stating I was unhappy with the situation and that I believed I was owed something from them... So I got several hardware upgrades along the way and free carry cases.