Dell has changes in store for two early Windows 8 PCs

It's been less than three months since the launch of Windows 8, but at least one PC maker is going back and making a few changes to two of its introductory Windows 8 touchscreen products. Dell announced this week that one of the changes involves its business-themed tablet the Latitude 10.

Previously, the 10 inch tablet sold for $599. Today, Dell's blog announces that it is now selling what it calls the Latitude 10 Essentials. The price for the 64 GB version is $579 and is on sale now. Dell will also sell a 32 GB version later this year for $499. Other changes in these new models include removing support for the active Wacom stylus and replacing the removable battery for one that is sealed inside the tablet.

Dell has also gone back and made a change to its XPS 13 convertible notebook-tablet. Engadget reports that Dell will sell a version of the XPS 13 later in January that will have a big boost in its screen resolution, from 1366x768 to 1920x1080. That version will also see a boost in the screen's color gamut from 45 percent to 72 percent. However, it will be more expensive. Dell will sell the 1080p version of the XPS 13 for $1,299 compared to $999 for the current version.

Source: Dell | Image via Dell

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Cautionary note to Dell:
Don't make the same mistake Microsoft made with its Windows-8. Don't abandon the business/enterprise segment of your customer base. Make sure that Windows-7 remains readily available for most of your laptop and desktop models, i.e., Vostro. It is an axiom in business that once you lose a customer is it next to impossible to regain them.

HawkMan said,
Removing the Digitizer/tablet... also removed any interest I had in the device.

+1, and having a non-removable battery sucks too. It's a shame that more tablets don't have both of these features, and they're removing them? What the heck.

Is the screen the only improvement to the XPS 13? $300 for the screen upgrade is steep. $100 is more realistic.

I would seriously consider a regular Latitude 10 if it had 1920x1080 resolution. Hopefully they're upgrading that soon. That 1080p XPS 13 on the other hand is a great looking machine.

And it is said that Dell increased its color gamut from 45 percent to 72 percent (Source: Engadget), only for the 1080p screen. Purchasing the 768p (even after the 1080p release) won't see the color gamut increase.

Dell will also sell a 32 GB version later this year for $499.

Going to the Dell website, the XPS 10 with 32GB of memory is $499 and is shipping tomorrow (no need to wait until later this year) and the price of the 64GB device is $599, not $579.

Or am I looking at the wrong item?