Dell launches 10 inch Streak tablet in China

One of the biggest PC makers in the world has launched a new edition of its Streak tablet device, but you will have to take a trip overseas in order to buy one. reports that the 10 inch version of the Streak is now on sale in the country of China. It's the third version of the Streak that Dell has launched; it has previously released 5 inch and 7 inch versions of the Streak here in the US.

The 10 inch version has Google's "Honeycomb" Android operating system running things inside. Its processor is a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from Nvidia and a screen resolution of 1280x800. It has both front and rear camera, an SD card slot and more inside its 1.5 pound frame. The price for the 10 inch Streak is about $465. The tablet also has an optional hardware dock that adds USB ports, an HDMI out port, an Ethernet port and more.

So when will the US and other countries get their chance to try out the new and larger Dell Streak? Well, it seems like Dell isn't in a hurry to introduce the product outside of China. A previous article on has Dell's John Thode saying that the 10 inch Streak might show up here in the US sometime in 2012. As to why Dell introduced the tablet in China first, Thode said, "We looked at all of that and we said, well wait a minute, that instead of trying to swim upstream let's go someplace where the growth rates are much more interesting, the adoption rates are much faster, the consumer is much more became one of those aha moments."

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Shoot, if Dell knew anything about MARKETING, their 5" would have gone off better.
1st, they tie it to at&t at a time when the iphone was still exclusive to at&t. Well, you know
the deathstar isn't going to upstage the iPhone. Then, Dell, holds onto the official 2.2 release
so long that those that actually want 2.2, have either gotten rid of the 5" streak, or used
XDA to port 2.2.
I've had a Streak since October, waited til December for Dell or AT&T to release 2.2, did it
myself. It's a great device, just too bad Dell doesn't have a clue how to market anything.

its smart for dell to push its products in china.. They have a way bigger market for cheapish tablets then the us/canada.. The us is better for laptops around 1000 dollars but china is going to be huge for 400 dollar tablets.. Also I believe the majority of people that were really pumped about android tablets in the US have probably picked one up or decided which one they want by now like the galaxy tab or something..