Dell Launches Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers

Dell has launched a new range of inkless printers with its new Dell Wasabi series. The Dell WASABI PZ310 Ultramobile Photo Printer produces high quality 2-inch-by-3-inch borderless digital photos in full color using the Zink (Zero Ink) Technology. The 4.8 inch x 2.8 inch x 0.9 inch printer weighs just 225 gms and can print via Bluetooth from laptops, camera phones and digital cameras.

Dell Wasabi is Dell's first product in its Zink series whereas it is the 4th product available for inkless prints which uses the Zink technology. The special type of photo paper developed by Zink has been embedded with heat-activated colored dye crystals. The colours are then activated by heating the surface to create images in less than a minute. The paper comes with an adhesive backing so that the images can be used to create stickers and point of sale material. Instead of developing its own machines, Zink allows licensing of its technology to be used in already existing devices.

You can grab your Dell Wasabi at an introductory price of just US $100 here.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy

Images Courtesy: Dell

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What is it with using Japanese words as product names?
Granted the Japanese have been using random English words and phrases as decoration for years, but this is a little silly.

Yeah, it's a stupid name for a printer too. Imagine if they had named it the Dell Broccoli or the Dell Cabbage. Well that's what they basically did.

If you want to save money, you would just email whatever pics you want hard copies off to a store and pic them up. Cheaper in the long run and if they screw up, your not out money and the store needs to fix it. How I do it... Used to print my own photos but ended up not being cost effective for me.

(Zero InkTM paper required.)

I'm thinking the paper is going to be uber expensive unless someone comes up with some generic paper.
The same way HP sells its printers cheap and its cartridges uber expensive!

Does this mean you can also re-use the paper? It would be nice if you could just put the finished picture back in the box and re-heat the dots so that a new picture becomes visisble...

just bend over with those paper cost... please if you want to save money just by a laser printer... yes you spend more upfront but they just keep going and going and going....

does anyone else make the special paper product required or are you buying a cheap printer to save on ink only to be raped with the cost of paper?