Dell Leak Business Edition: Roadmap

Over the past few weeks we have brought you quite a few slides from Dell and today we continue that trend with a few roadmaps from the corporate side of Dell's Business. While these slides may not be as sexy as the Windows 8 tablet slides we brought you, they do shine a bit of light on to Dell's plans for their current products including lifecycle and a product refresh in July.


The slide deck is quite extensive but we extracted the most important bits, the roadmaps. While the roadmaps reach far back in time, they also extend into Q4 of 2012. You can see on some product lines Dell's plans to either end of life (EOL) certain items or if they expect to extend the lifecycle well in to next year.

There are quite a few slides in total but most of them go into great detail about each product line and the unique features that Dell touts when measuring up the competition. 

Thanks for the tip Unknown Soldier! 

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thealexweb said,
Intel embargo date, what's that?

Maybe the date they have to wait before they can talk about new systems using newer intel hardware? I figure Intel wants to talk up it's new stuff first and then let PC OEMs talk about using them.

M_Lyons10 said,
I thought all Dell computers were EOL on delivery...

I thought ALL computers where EOL on delivery unless you built it yourself with the absolute latest specs....