Dell makes improvements on XPS 12 and XPS 27 Windows 8 PCs

Dell announced on Monday its plans to release the XPS 11, an all new Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid, later this year. However, before that happens the company will launch new versions of two of its first Windows 8 PCs.

Microsoft's Windows Experience blog has the details on the changes being made to the two Dell PCs. One of them is the XPS 12 notebook-tablet hybrid. The device with its unique display hinge will soon be getting Intel's fourth generation Core processors, also known as Haswell, that will increase the 12-inch convertible's performance by 63 percent.

The battery life on the XPS 12 has been increased by over two hours, which Microsoft claims will give it up to 8 hours and 43 minutes of battery life. Microsoft adds, "It also gets location aware capabilities, and Near Field Communications (NFC) for tap-to-share and tap-to-pair capabilities.

The XPS 27 all-in-one touchscreen PC, also launched in late 2012, is getting a hardware boost to Intel's Haswell chips, according to Microsoft. It will also soon come with " ... a Thunderbolt port, an Adobe RGB Quad HD display, and discrete graphics and SSD options. It also now comes with enterprise features such as TPM."

Source: Microsoft | Image via Dell

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I work in IT and my primary machine is an XPS 12 w/ 8GB RAM, Core i7, 256GB SSD. Aside from not having a glass touchpad like on a Mac (stretching for criticism here), it is an excellent tool as well as toy.

It looks fine. When it laptop mode it looks just like their other XPS ultrabooks. I played with one at the store a few months ago and if it had an active digitizer it would have been one of the computers I considered. It's offered with 8GB RAM, 1920x1080 screen, and 256GB SSD which are my requirements.

ZipZapRap said,
That is truly an awful looking laptop/hybrid/tablet/whatever.

That was my original opinion when I first saw it. Having used a number of different win8 form factors it's by far the best for everyday use. Have used one since March after sending back all previous win 8 devices.