Dell offers free laptops with broadband subscription

Dell has signed a deal with a U.K. mobile phone retailer to distribute free laptops with the purchase of a broadband Internet access subscription, continuing the company's push into the retail market. Starting in September, consumers who buy a two-year contract for America Online's broadband service through the Carphone Warehouse Group will get a coupon for a free base-model Inspiron notebook from Dell. AOL broadband costs £19.99 ($41) per month.

A similar free laptop offering was unveiled this week by mobile provider Orange UK, a move designed to get consumers who may have never owned a computer or bought broadband service using the Internet in order to grow subscriber numbers, said Jonathan Coham, an analyst at Ovum. Those customers tend to be older and are more loyal. But it won't come cheap for those operators. "These are very low-margin customers for the time being," Coham said. "Both Orange and Carphone Warehouse are going to make a slim amount of money on top of what they are getting from the broadband subscriber."

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Ap0llo said,
yeh i know what you mean. If only it was BT, or Pipex or Eclipse even...then i'd get the laptop. :(

Really? They're all very poor ADSL providers these days, Pipex and Eclipse have both become very poor within the last year or so and BT were bad enought before. Look at any ADSL review website for evidence.

I know, I wouldn't mind paying $40 a month for a decent provider and get a free laptop, but when it AOL, :confused:

Yeah, the Orange offer is with PC World for £14.99 a month. The laptop is a PC World own brand 'Ei Systems 3101' with 15.4" widescreen, XP home, 256mb RAM, 40GB HD, OR £300 off a different Ei Systems, Advent, Compaq or Packard Bell laptop. Not a bad deal really; except that Orange Broadband kinda sucks...

You actually get £300 off any laptop in store so you can get one with WI-FI for about £30 or something, is Orange broadband really bad or just not the best?