Dell readies new business notebooks

Dell is expected to unveil new business notebooks with built-in
support for wide-area network connection options, wide-screen displays, and a dual-core processor option
Tuesday evening.

Included in the unveiling are the Latitude D620 and D820 notebooks,
where they will be officially announced Wednesday, according to sources. Both
notebooks will include the Intel Core Duo processor, along with a choice of
wide-area network connection options through Cingular or Verizon in the U.S.,
or Vodafone in Europe. Also included will wide-screen displays for both new
models, coming in at 14.1-include and 15.4-inche respectively.

The Latitude D620 will start at $1,149, while the D820 will
start at $1,289, according to sources.

View: Dell

News source: CNET

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