Dell tablet coming in late 2012; will it use Windows 8?

For Dell, it's "try and try again" when it comes to making a tablet that will actually sell to the masses. The PC maker tried and failed to do so with its seven inch Android powered Dell Streak tablet. Now Reuters reports that Dell is going back to the drawing board as it plans to launch a new consumer tablet product before the end of 2012.

According to an interview conducted at CES 2012, Dell's chief commercial officer Steve Felice said:

You will see us enter this market in a bigger way toward the end of the year. So we are not really deemphasizing it, we are really being very careful how we enter it. When you are talking about PC, people are more focused on the hardware itself. When you are talking about the tablet or the smartphone, people are interested in the overall environment it's operating in. As we have matured in this, we are spending a lot more time in the overall ecosystem.

The big question: Which operating system will the new Dell tablet use? Felice said, "We like Windows 8 but we continue to develop with Android as well. We are still going to be more choice-driven, based on the feedback we get from customers." He did say that he liked Microsoft's next operating system, saying, "There hasn't been a lot of advancement and it's given Microsoft a good window to come into the market with Windows 8. I like the touch Windows 8 feature."

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I am surprised at the uncertainty their executive is showing about the operating system they would choose.
I thought it was given, that their main strategy is going to be Windows 8.

Running Windows 8 not only goes with what the customers want but what people are used to. This would be sold to the mom and pop customers as well as tech savvy as it's windows based which is what people have grown to learn. Even if the changes from XP to Win8 are a good bit different they still follow the same formats and are easy to pick up. The only issue is stability when it comes to fly by night malware infections - you know darn well they will exist and be designed to take advantage of the platform even with just visiting a random page of facebook.

ahhell said,
The last quote makes no sense. He's contradicting himself.

I think he meant advancement in the desktop OS market in general. And if thats the case then I agree.

Any of the new hybrid Ultrabooks that come out will probably be with Windows 8, to push the touch and tablet mode they have so seeing how Dell hasn't been doing any Android tablets (that I know of) I think it's a given at this point. Also the timing matches well, I also somehow expect that the ARM version of Windows 8 will beat the x86 versiont o market by a few months as well. If we get x86 in Oct then I think we'll see ARM in late Aug or early Sept on pure tablets.