Dell's Doubtful Turnaround

Struggling Dell (DELL) provided a glimpse into just how difficult its turnaround will be, reporting disappointing fourth-quarter results that include its first quarterly sales decline in five years. Adding to the uncertainty surrounding the world's second-largest PC seller, the company didn't shed any light on months-long investigations by the Securities & Exchange Commission and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York into certain accounting matters, as some analysts had been expecting. Dell is conducting its own internal investigation.

Investors will likely have to wait many months for any financial improvement. In a press release, Dell says that "in the next several quarters, the company expects that growth and margins will continue to be under pressure as it implements and refines" its strategies. "That implies that Wall Street's current expectation of things improving soon might be optimistic," says Brent Bracelin, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities.

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My main problem with buying a Dell would be the lack of options when configuring a computer. Last time I checked there were few (if any) choices for what graphics card you could get for a given computer. It's a hassle to put together your own, but if that's the only way to get the pieces you want, then so be it...

Their poor sales don't surprise me one bit... ever since they announced they will be supporting Linux on their PCs, I figured it was only a desperate attempt to increase sales.
If their Windows support sucks already badly, imagine how bad their Linux support will be then

Agreed. Also their website is crap. I'd still rather purchase a Dell Vs an HP, Compaq, etc. simply because its a lot easier to obtain drivers from them.

I've helped people purchase and setup a few Compaqs and HP computers and have never had any trouble obtaining drivers. Though, I've never really needed to obtain drivers anyhow so whatever..~

I'd take an HP/Compaq any day to a Dell. D:

As much as I dislike Dell, I like HP and eMachines even less. In in some ways HP is worse than eMachines. (especially those nasty lil Pavilions. Mom got one of those and got a new hard drive and had to order the stupid image. Oh 7 cd roms long. Bloated XP crap. Their printers suck, although the scanners are hit and miss. My old 2200c still runs.

Dell has allowed their tech support (at least on the Dell home side) to go right into the poop shoot. Paris Hilton could offer better tech support than Dell right now.