Design patent gives a look at a potential future Nokia handset

Nokia's prior track record with design patents means the above image might be a glimpse of the future. The Finnish company's designs have leaked prematurely through design patents in the past - last year the Lumia 920's design hit the web under the "Phi" codename. This year... we have this.

There's no codename for this design, just "Nokia Device Design US Patent D675587". Take a closer look at the finer details of the design, and you'll notice it shares a few similarities with the Asha 205; a budget phone phone intended for emerging markets. The rear of the Asha 205 has a very similar design, squaring off the camera region.

If you're getting a feeling of déjà vu looking at the design, that's good. The design was one we saw all the way back in August 2011, before the Lumia 800 was even announced. It could be some incredible design foresight on Nokia's part, or something else. The render in question:

There are some marginal differences with the render and the design patent, with the flash LED being on the same chrome strip instead of offset, but it is a reminder we've no idea where Nokia's phone design is going. Wherever it goes, we'll probably see another design patent first.

Source: Liveside | Images via LiveSide and Nokia

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Price of touch screens with low resolutions are probably approaching the price of mechanical keys... (I don't have data to back this up, just a gut) I'm going with another asha/comparable.

What if the thickness was to accommodate a 41 megapixel Pureview camera with OIS, a holographic projector, a bottle opener, and a subwoofer?

M_Lyons10 said,
Is the back wood grain? Viva la 70's!

no, they just use lines to show differences in elevation on the drawing

It surely seems more appealing that the one portrayed in the article; material aside the latter seems even thicker than the 920.

I'm pretty sure many like myself do not like thin phone. When I hold the phone in my hand, I want to feel like I'm holding something. That is why I choose the Nokia 920.

techbeck said,
Dont like it. Looks to thick.