Destiny website source code shows Xbox 720 and PS4 pre-order listings

Bungie revealed the first details of its first post-Halo game on Sunday. Destiny, to be published by Activision, is a sci-fi shooter but with some persistent world elements. Officially, Bungie and Activiision have said the game is coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3, along with unnamed "future consoles."

Bungie is already taking pre-orders for Destiny via the game's official website and the site only shows listing for Xbox 360 and PS3 pre-orders. However, some people have gone through the source code of the website and found pre-order headers for several other platforms, including the "Xbox 720" and the "PS4". The source code was found by a Reddit user and we have confirmed the code is inside the Destiny website.

So does that mean that Microsoft's next Xbox console will be called the "Xbox 720" or is this merely a placeholder put in by Bungie's webmaster to prepare for taking pre-orders for Microsoft's next console? It's most likely the latter but the Xbox 720 name has been used by leaked documents from game developers in the past, so anything is possible.

The headers also show a Wii U listing, a PC listing and even a PS Vita port. Again, all of this code could simply be placeholders and may not actually be used.

Thanks to Jan for the tip!

Source: Destiny website via Reddit

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hotdog963al said,
720? Are Microsoft going to double that number for every release? I think not. Terrible, terrible name.

I remember back when the "Xbox 360" name was revealed, I thought it was a stupid name (still do) and I joked that the next console would be "Xbox 720". It's kind of funny now to see so many people seriously referring to the next console as "Xbox 720".

Doubt this is an actual listing, anyway. They haven't confirmed a PC version, only expressed interest, and wouldn't it be a bit weird to release the same game for seven year old consoles as to the brand new ones?

One might at least think (or hope) they'd try to take advantage of all the new opportunities these devices will offer.

torrentthief said,
sony's handheld console, the successor to the psp.

I thought that was called the Vita but I guess Vista makes more sense considering its succes.

Ricardo Dawkins said,

But what happens when that console becomes last-gen?

elettrozero said,
I'm pretty shure it will be XboX3

I don't think so. The whole reason why they didn't call the 360 "Xbox 2" was because they didn't want the PlayStation to be a number ahead of them.

The code is part of Activision's pre-order web code. Just a default.

You find the same code in other listings like COD.

I don't think so. Windows 8 will be killed faster than the next generation of Xbox.

Although I believe the life span of xbox will be shortened. The 360 boasted within Win XP Media Center, Vista, 7 and 8.

Those are 5 OS for you

Jose_49 said,
I don't think so. Windows 8 will be killed faster than the next generation of Xbox.

Although I believe the life span of xbox will be shortened. The 360 boasted within Win XP Media Center, Vista, 7 and 8.

Those are 5 OS for you


and no, consoles have an average life expectency of 7 years (this goes back to the 70s, averaging out at 7 years)
So I keep wondering why people mention the lifetime of the current (and future) consoles so much. Its absolutely normal for a console to be 7-8 years in the running untill a new generation is released.

And the specbumb (outside CPU) is huge both rumoured to have ~8 GB ram is insane compared to the 256mb the current generation has. Its really, really doubtfull these new generations are created to last 5 years or less.
We're comming closer to a point where specs become meaningless. Hardware has catched up to software years ago already. Where in the old days, as soon as a new game or a new generation of software was released, it would demand more of the available hardware.

Nowadays it seems to be going the other way, software/games/OS seem to become more lightweight. 15 years ago if the computer would be a year old, a major chance new games or software would not run (properly) or cripple your system.
While on comparison, havent found software or games that i couldnt play on a 3-4 year old system

Heck even my own system is fairly outdated (FX4100, 4gbram, GT520) but i have absolutely NO urge to upgrade it except adding 4gb more ram to it. This thing is almost ready for the museum in technological space-time. Yet I have no issues running the SimCity beta on high settings (except for shadows though).

Considering this progress and the increase in specs (some things 16times better/more then previous gen, while the previous increase was just around 8x), its more save to assume these consoles are meant for a longer lifetime then the 7 year average.

Crap. Counted "Center" as an OS... Oh boy... what a long day has it been!

All of what you say is true.

But the the thing is this. 4 K resolution will become mainstream in the next two years. While the next gen xbox and PS4 will be able (hopefully) @ 60 FPS with 1080p, 4K will be able to impose again limitations on playing 60 FPS on those resolutions.

I know resolutions aren't everything... but games feel much better @ 60 FPS than they do on ~24 - 30 FPS.

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