Deus Ex collection just $15 this weekend on Steam

This weekend Steam is having a massive 75% off sale this weekend on Deus Ex games, with a pack of three full games plus expansions costing just US$14.99. In this pack you'll get the original Deus Ex from 2001, the sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War from 2003 and last year's Deus Ex: Human Revolution; plus the Explosive Mission Pack, Tactical Enhancement Pack and Missing Link DLCs for Human Revolution.

The series is highly recommended, and at such a cheap price it's a no-brainer purchase for some weekend gaming on your PC. Alternatively if you don't want to fork out the full $15 for the pack, or if you already have some of the included games, you can purchase each of the individual titles for 75% off. Below we have attached a screencap of what's included in the pack individually.

Anyway, head to Steam right now to get your hands on this juicy deal. The offer ends on June 26, which gives you plenty of time to make a decision.

Via: OzBargain

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I think I'm hitting the point where 50% of my Steam collection are games of which I haven't spent any more than an hour in them, or even none. Mostly thanks to the Humble Indie Bundles.

Could get this, but that'll just make a bloaty Steam account even larger.

Breach said,
I'm getting them... wait, I already own them, the old ones two times... I'm still tempted though...

You can always give it away

sanctified said,
You can always give it away

Can you? I was under the impression that you could only give away some games. Otherwise, I would've had more than just HL2 to giveaway.

mattmatik said,
Holy hell! Was thinking of getting Human Revolution, at $8.74 thats a no-brainer. Does the first game run ok in Win 7?

yep it runs fine on windows 7