Developer FourBros Studios show huge WP7 growth

Microsoft hasn't been very forthcoming with information about how its Windows Phone devices are selling, but there is evidence that the OS is gaining in popularity. Nokia's newly launched Lumia 900 is selling out and more and more app developers are starting to make software for Windows Phone.

One of those software makers is FourBros Studios. They released a free Windows Phone 7 game called Taptitude back in March 2011. This week, the company offered up some charts and graphs that showed how well the app is doing, in terms of both software downloads and the number of ad impressions the free game receives.

In terms of ad impressions, Taptitude has slowly but surely increased its rate over the past year but the ad impressions have started skyrocketing in the past month or so, even before the launch of the Lumia 900.  So far the app has generated 100 million ad impressions. The article states, "At the time of this writing, we are about half way through April and we have record impressions per day ..."

Another chart shows the number of downloads for Taptitude. The orange line shows the cumulative number of downloads while the green line shows the number of downloads per day. Once again, the chart shows a huge spike in terms of Taptitude's per-day downloads in the past month.



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It turns out that most of their players are HTC owners because they have a lot of different devices, Nokia is second then Samsung in third. These stats are up until the 8th of April and excludes thee Lumia 900 but they said "900 making significant gains in the short period of time since its release".

FoxieFoxie said,
So that's pretty much double? Wonder how many sales there were.

According to their page on the Marketplace, they have over 250,000 downloads. Back in January they had 100,000 downloads (per And now have ad revenue around $100,000 with $1000/day just from ads.

Seems like it is doing well to me.

FoxieFoxie said,
So that's pretty much double? Wonder how many sales there were.

Ad driven apps typically do not 'sell'. They are free.
This shows me that smartphone users are cheap after they get their devices.
They'd much rather eat battery displaying ads than pay $0.99.

( I don't know personally if there is an ad-free paid app, but I suspect with these ad revenues, they wouldn't want to move to a single payment option )

SonicSam said,
I'm getting deja vu on this page....

One half of your brain processing info slower than the other half is a common thing to happen to people