Diablo III Starter Edition available for everyone

Want to try out Diablo III, but are wary of spending any money beforehand? Blizzard finally has your back. Nearly three months after Blizzard released the long awaited action-RPG sequel, the developer has allowed anyone to download and play the free Starter Edition of the game.

The Starter Edition was previously available only for people who paid for the full digital version and waited for their credit card info to clear, or getting a guest pass from a friend who had the game. Now the Starter Edition is available for anyone to download if they already have a free Battle.net account or sign up to get one.

More information on the Diablo III Starter Edition can be found on Blizzard's FAQ page. It allows anyone to play through Act 1 of the game, all the way up to the Skeleton King boss battle. Players will only be able to level up to 13 in the Starter Edition. They can also play online, but only with fellow Starter Edition users and online Global Play is also now available. However, there is still no access to either the real money or in-game money Auction House in this version.

Source: Diablo III website

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Blizzard. id Software and Valve were the top 3 game dev companies. After Diablo 3 and Rage, the only one left is Valve (for now).

Meh... Still really no interest in Diablo 3. Loved D1 and D2, but D3 just really shot my interest when they went with all the Always connected DRM. I liked playing D2 on my laptop when I was away from home (and without an internet connection). Pre-Ordered Torchlight 2 a while back. Really looking forward to that release however.

I loved Diablo and Diablo II, but this game is a disgrace. They completely ruined it with their stupid auction house, nerfing drop rates into the ground, terrible itemization, making bosses completely irrelevant, etc. Definitely not worth the price; I probably wouldn't play it for free.