Diablo III to be free for 12-month World of Warcraft subscribers

Blizzard is holding its annual fan event BlizzCon this weekend in Anaheim, California as tens of thousands of gamers gather to celebrate the many games from Blizzard Entertainment. Today, during BlizzCon's opening ceremonies, WoW Insider reports that Blizzard made a rather huge announcement for fans of both its hit MMO World of Warcraft and the upcoming fantasy action-RPG sequel Diablo III.

In short, World of Warcraft players who decide to sign up for the 12 month subscription plan will be able to get Diablo III for free when it is released sometime in early 2012. There are apparently no other strings attached to this special deal and you can even be billed monthly for this 12 month commitment to World of Warcraft.

That's not all. Blizzard is also offering those same 12 month subscribers a guaranteed slot in the beta test for the upcoming fourth commercial expansion pack for World of Warcraft. Finally those same customers will be getting a free in-game Tyrael's Charger mount for their characters to us

Diablo III was first announced back in 2008 but as usual for most Blizzard games it has taken a long time to develop. The game finally went into closed beta testing back in September. During BlizzCon's opening ceremonies today, company execs would still not announce a concrete release date for Diablo III but in September said they were aiming for an "early 2012" launch. While the game is currently due out exclusively for the PC, a console version is rumored to be in the works as well.

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yeah, I see on mine it will be about 150 for the year... guess that is a steal if you plan on already staying subbed to wow for 12 full consecutive months.

WoW was fun as hell and I really enjoyed playing it. But, no thanks. I've already played WoW to death and beyond over the span of 6 years. Sometimes I get an itch to play for a bit and will resubscribe for a month, but I can't see myself playing for a full year straight. Even when I was really into WoW and was doing all the raid content I could, I don't think I ever played for a year straight. There were always a few months of break time.

Nice fact in the FAQ too

What if I purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition?
If you decide to purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition when it's available, and then choose to add your Collector's Edition license key to the Battle.net account associated with your existing World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion, you will receive all of the benefits associated with the Collector's Edition, plus receive four months of World of Warcraft game time which is eligible towards your 12-month subscription commitment. After you purchase the Diablo III Collector's Edition you just need to input the product key into the Battle.net account associated with your World of Warcraft 12-month commitment and that account will then receive the next 4 months of World of Warcraft game time for free. For example, if you already had a month of game time on the associated World of Warcraft account when you input your Diablo III Collector's Edition product key, it would then be 5 months until your next subscription payment was due.

Really important catch: "To be eligible for this promotion you must have a World of Warcraft license in good standing on or before October 18, 2011. New World of Warcraft accounts created after October 18, 2011 are not eligible to for this promotion."

melted98 said,
shame you can't use a maestro card/direct debit from uk

They accept Paypal.
Edit: Not for this promotion...

greenwizard88 said,
$80 for a year of wow... If I had a guild left, or any friends left who played wow... otherwise it's just $80 down the drain.

Technically it's $60 for a copy of Diablo 3 and you an entire year of WoW for an extra $20.

Kuraj said,
Technically both set you back by the same amount of money.

$80 is not equal to $60, clearly one option is more expensive.

I was thinking about resubbing while I wait for D3, this pretty much sealed the deal. That's an excellent promo.

I still play WoW from time to time and I've been waiting for D3 since I finished D2 years ago.

Sounds like a win-win, especially since it can be paid for monthly.