DICE confirms dedicated servers for PC Bad Company 2

DICE Studios, the developer behind the Battlefield series has reiterated a tweet by Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Executive Producer for Battlefield who said that dedicated servers are the only way to go for multiplayer on the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

"A lot of buzz has been floating around the internet lately about dedicated servers," said Gordon Van Dyke. "Since Battlefield 1942 DICE has used dedicated servers for all platforms. This formula has worked well, and still works well, for us and for the gaming community. We have stayed true to this practice and will continue this tradition into the upcoming title Battlefield Bad Company 2.

"Other games use player-hosted or 'peer to peer' solutions, often resulting in a 'host with the most' situation; where the player hosting the match has an advantage over other players connected to their game.

"This makes dedicated servers the best solution for online PC gaming hands down."

The statement comes after it was confirmed that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will not contain dedicated servers or mod tools unlike its predecessor, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is set to hit store shelves on March 5 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

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Obviously they are going to make a big deal of this, and they should. They might get some market share from the COD folks.

Personally, Dice just got a new customer and activision/iw just lost one. I doubt my friends will buy mw2 either. We usually play mods and custom maps, so this ****ed us off bad.

i think dedicated servers are the way to go, because thats how networking works... i mean, you dont surf the web on the same computer thats hosting the webpages

I don't like modding either - it was great back in the day but it's changed now. Dedicated servers won't help much if the game isn't great - it will be interesting to see how it will compare to MW2

I'm not against dedicated servers but don't like the modding. It takes away from the game. It's not the game for what it was mean't to be played and isn't fair for all the noobs who come in seeing this modded version and either loving it or hating it for that and not the real experience. Oh well though. We'll see in a couple weeks just how that goes. You can't knock it before you try it. Chances are it'll be just like you think but you never know until then, unless of course there are people out there that already know.

I can understand some people may not like modding in their games, but the resolution is simple... don't play on modded servers. Many PC games have search filter functions that allow you to search for "Pure Servers".

I for one appreciate modding and the communities that drive it... it brings more playability to games that might just get uninstalled after I play them since the original game has no replay value. Some mods have became games in their own right. For example: Killing Floor started as a UT2004 mod. Battlefield 2 Special Forces uses code from the mod "Desert Combat" that was for Battlefield 1942. Team Fortress began as a mod for Quake 3, Unreal, and Half-Life. Counter-Strike began as a mod for Half-Life as well. Modding has been a part of the PC gaming community since the beginning, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. The modding of games allow for creativity and replay value. That is one area where console gaming is lacking the most.

Dedicated servers are by far the most even playing field for a group of gamers. Dedicated servers provide a stable platform and bandwidth that a listening server could never provide.

Kudos to DICE for not taking the same route as Infinity Ward. It's a shame that an otherwise "standard" feature of PC gaming was removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I'm definitely getting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on PC.

Isn't BF a game that needs many players? Like 32 to 64? I don't think a player hosted server would work well with that amount of players anyway.

AfroTrance said,
Isn't BF a game that needs many players? Like 32 to 64? I don't think a player hosted server would work well with that amount of players anyway.

There have been 64 player private servers for BF2 and other games. I've played Modern Warfare on a 64 player server and it was insane. The highest I've ever seen was 128 players for a PC FPS. 64 players was common a couple of years ago, how come we have gone downhill from there?

One reason: consoles.

This is why PC gamers get upset when a game developer releases new games which are limited by console hardware, or when they try to scam players into joining a network like IWNet for no good reason. MS tried to do the same thing with GFWL. I don't want to hear lies about matchmaking and other so-called "features" that could be done without a proprietary network. It is a self-serving scheme by Infinity Ward, all of it could have been done without taking away private servers and modding because DICE already proved it could be done with BF2.

sweet hopefully pays off like battlefield 2 in multiplayer making people want to play it more then once.

On that note too hopefully frostbite 2 engine is too intensive on server side hardware.

Doli said,
Not with a release date thats on March 5 2010 compared to MW2's November 10, 2009.

yes, but look at the 'dedicated servers for mw2' poll. 160 000 strong. If only HALF of those people dont buy it, thats still 80 000x £30 = 2.4million

Looking forward to developers not screwing over the PC community, so that money hungry people can make a few extra £££

This is good news. It is ridiculous that a traditionally standard feature like this has to even be mentioned, but after the MW2 disaster PC gamers are naturally going to be looking suspiciously at upcoming multi-platform games. It's good to have some early confirmation, and if this announcement can earn DICE some extra sales from would-be MW2 buyers that's a nice bonus for them.