Did Dell just confirm that all Windows 8 apps can run on Xbox One?

Microsoft has already hinted strongly that apps made for Windows 8 will be able to run on its upcoming Xbox One game console. However, the company has done nothing more than just hint at this kind of feature and has never talked about how app developers could get their creations published on the Xbox One. Now a pre-order page for the console on Dell's online store seems to confirm that Windows 8 apps will be able to run on the next-gen game machine.

The page itself, which shows that Dell's shipments of the Xbox One are sold out for now, also has a list of the console's features. Among them is "Windows 8" with a picture of a Windows Phone 8 device and what looks like Dell's own Latitude 10 tablet. The description reads:

Consider the game officially changed. With all your favorite Windows 8 apps able to be run on and synced to your Xbox One, now your phone, desktop, tablet and TV can all give you a unified web and entertainment experience.

The description also has a link to Dell's online tablet store, where the company is selling both Windows 8 and Android devices. Of course, this is coming from Dell and not from Microsoft so this information could be incorrect, or at least not 100 percent accurate. We have emailed Microsoft for comment.

Thanks to Ukumio for the tip!

Source: Dell | Image via Dell

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You have to be totally bonkers to want to run a productivity software on a gaming console in your living room on your large screen TV. Consoles are for entertainment and taking a break from real word, not doing office work.

Yup! When the metro versions come out :-D... take that PS4... though I don't know anyone who would actually do productivity on their TV... I"m sure we'll get a lot of business people working hard and playing harder lol

There's no way. All the exploits and virus problems possible on a desktop in a console? There's a reason I moved to console gaming in the first place, it was to have a dedicated gaming machine that will require no maintenance And is guaranteed to be able to play a game no matter what at any time.

Without PC peripheral compatibility or input methods, how useful could it be anyway?

Dude IE, iOS, Android, etc are supposed to be sandboxed, yet malware gets through. Get how exploits can exploit.

Geezy said,
Dude IE, iOS, Android, etc are supposed to be sandboxed, yet malware gets through. Get how exploits can exploit.

How much malware has gotten through the Windows Phone sandbox? How much malware has gotten through the sandbox on Windows 8?

Antoine Prince said,
This pretty much tells us that digitally saved xbox games can be streamed on windows in the near future.

No, it really doesn't.

I don't see how this will work. Win 8 apps are designed for touchscreens. They don't work well with remotes. I have win 8 as my htpc and some of the apps would have been good if they worked with a remote.

Not remotes. Kinect. A prime example is the Food & Drink app that has a "hands free" mode. You can flip between pages of recipes by using the built-in camera of your ultrabook / tablet / convertible, etc.

Just give me the Xbox install disk so I can build my own custom PC/Xbox hardware. Wishful thinking on my part.

While that would be a cool idea, there's two major issues there. Allowing the software to become freely available would make it much easier to hack and break DRM. Also, they'd have to provide driver support and such for all combinations of components, creating a nightmare for compatibility. You'd basically just be at the point of creating your own PC. Might as well just use Windows 8 and have the rest of the functionality.

LightEco said,
Also, they'd have to provide driver support and such for all combinations of components, creating a nightmare for compatibility..

You'd likely just need a driver that supports Windows Vista/7/8/8.1...

What I really want to know is why no one will show a photograph of the new Kinect base. It's always the same couple shot with the base missing like here. Is it some big secret? I just want to know if it will sit in the wall mount I have for my Xbox 360 Kinect.

There's some real potential here with cross platform play. Apps that run on Windows 8 and Windows RT could easily be ported to Xbox One, using the controller and Kinect as input. Games could be made to be cross platform between Xbox and Windows 8 as well since the Xbox One uses basically off-the-shelf PC components now.

The technology is there, now is just up to Microsoft to not screw it up.

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