Did Google accidentally reveal the Nexus 8?

Google has updated the promotional website for Android 4.4 KitKat, and the "Apps and Entertainment" page may have inadvertently revealed an unannounced Nexus tablet running on the updated operating system.

The image, which was first discovered by a forum member of The Verge, shows the tablet in the hands of a model. The appearance of this tablet is slightly different from the current Nexus 7 model, as it looks thinner and has a smaller bezel while having a marginally bigger screen. The front-facing camera is also notably absent in the render. No other information is available at the moment, but sources believe that it could be made by LG, which currently make the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 smartphones for Google. LG recently submitted an 8-inch tablet called V510 for Bluetooth certification, which could be a variant of the G-Pad tablet.

Google is no stranger to accidental leaks of their devices as the Nexus 5 made a brief appearance in a company promo and Eric Schmidt was photographed with a Moto X earlier in the year, making the Nexus 8's existence a possibility. The image was previously spotted here and has now been replaced with that of a Nexus 7. It's also possible the image was simply a generic, unbranded tablet rendering.

Source: The Verge via Mashable | Image via Google

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I think the news is rubbish to be honest! I don't why it has been picked up by everyone. It makes no sense for Google to launch Nexus 8 when they just launched Nexus 7 a few months back. I bet Google is laughing hard

Google must improve the security of the android. Google must give permission for antivirus and security software to enable the firewall and other to improve the security without rooting. Google also must support the multi user and also better multi tasking usage

Someone on reddit did some comparison with a nexus 7 and it appears it just a badly photo shopped image on the nexus 7. It's not an nexus 8. I doubt it's real.

Looks like the LG 8.3 except for the fact that the buttons are below the screen and not on the screen like the LG 8.3 G Pad.

I like the 7 inch Nexus 2013 model but if it were 8" or 7.9" I would get it instead I will wait to look at the G Pad or the iPad Mini Retina. I had the Non Retina iPad Mini and wasn't thrilled at all. Returned it.

I hope to get my hands on the iPad Mini Retina when they release. I do like the size just a little better than the 7" variants.

Smart marketing right there! Received the Nexus 7 today and it's awesome. It's the perfect size if you ask me, I don't really see the point in releasing an 8 inch but yeah Google probably has its reasons.

I think the N7 is the perfect size. But I am sure they can make the screen bigger without increasing the over all size of the device to much. A little bigger screen would be nice but would have to offer something else besides screen size for me to buy it.

riahc3 said,

(No chilidish jokes please)

I've always wanted a Nexus. Since last year I've been torn between the iPad Mini and the Nexus. All I need it for is bathroom breaks, bed reader, and a device guests can play with and toss around when they come over.

If you are in to apple then i would go with an iPad mini with the retina display or if you are into android i would get a nexus. Its personal preference on those. I use both (only the first ipad mini) and a nexus 7. They are good tablets and very useful.