Did Twitter accidentally reveal its Vine Windows Phone 8 app?

Earlier this week, an update for the official Twitter Windows Phone 8 app was released, adding in a number of new features. As it turns out, Twitter might have revealed something else it might not have wanted to get out this early; its official Vine video clip app for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Twitter's blog posted up the image above which clearly shows a Vine Live title in the Windows Phone 8 render. Twitter later removed the image from the blog post, but a quick check of Google's web search cache shows that the image was indeed posted at one time. In addition, the same image has appeared on Windows Phone Store Twitter pages in other countries.

In June, Nokia briefly mentioned that the Vine app for Windows Phone 8 was in the works but so far there's been no word on when it might be released nor what features it might have. It's possible that Twitter and Microsoft are getting close to launching the app if they are showing off a Live title render, even if it was a mistake. We have emailed both Twitter and Microsoft for any additional comments they may have.

Source: Google cache of Twitter blog via The Next Web | Image via Google

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The more apps the better. If WP can have all the major apps developed for it, then this will give people more choice. Personally I'm happy with Android at the moment, but it would be nice to have the flexibility to move to WP if I wanted to.

And some of them are even updating with relevant data!

The one thing I dislike about the tiles is that often the user has to sit there and stare at the tile, waiting for it to flip around to display some info.

Would be nice if there was a way for the user to prompt that information to show when they wanted.

Aside from that, the squares aren't bad.

Why not show it? What's the big deal? Unless its old and from scrapped plans. That would seem pretty stupid though.

Meh, im happy with the 6sec app. But at least the official app will be one less dead horse that reviewers of WP8 and internet trolls can't beat on.

Anaron said,


Fixed that. Anyone that's played WoW over the years might get that. It was always "soon" regarding patches.