Didn't pre-order a Surface Pro 3? You can still pick one up on Friday

We know that not everyone was looking to swipe their credit card the day Surface Pro 3 pre-orders opened; it's a large expense, so we don't blame you. But if you are sitting here having second thoughts about it and want to get your hands on a Pro 3 this Friday, you are not completely out of luck.

When we saw that the Pro 3 ship date was starting to slip on the lower-priced Core i5 model, we reached out to Microsoft to see what inventory would be like on Friday. They told us that, as supplies allow, you can still walk in on Friday, without a pre-order and pick up a device. The full comment is below:

The customer response to Surface Pro 3 during the pre-order period has been great to see. New pre-orders of the 128GB Intel® Core™ i5 SKU of Surface Pro 3 through MicrosoftStore.com will ship to customers in the U.S. and Canada by June 30. Customers who already pre-ordered this SKU and received an email notification of a June 20 ship date will still receive their orders on June 20. Additionally, customers can still purchase Surface Pro 3 in-person and online at a Surface retail partner on June 20 as inventory allows. Commercial customers should continue to speak with their authorized Surface reseller. 

We highly recommend that if you are headed out to a store without a pre-order to call ahead as each individual store will have a different allotment of devices. Don't forget too, that both Microsoft Stores and Best Buys will have the device on Friday, so call around - you still have a decent shot at being able to find one.

Still on the fence about the Pro 3? Read our full review here.

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I wish I would had known that. I pre-ordered, and Microsoft promised to deliver today but it was ######. They shipped yesterday (Why????) and UPS won't deliver until Monday. The whole day the tracking info said they would deliver today and then at 7:00 it changed to Monday. I contacted Microsoft and they just say they are sorry. They're just a bunch of jerks.

OMG stop spreading lies! It's absolutely not true that you can pick up a Surface Pro 3 on Friday as a walk-in. You forgot to emphasize the "WHILE SUPPLIES ALLOW" bit, which is crucial here. And guess what, supplies will probably not allow, so stop spreading misinformation, geez!

The "while supplies allow" is stated twice in the article. In any case, I would assume that many would readily acknowledge that supplies dictate what can be sold, just as in any other product, and additionally, many are also cognizant of the Surface/Pro 2 supply issues and how those are going to recur.

The available inventory (and how rapidly it is depleted) is going to vary based on location but seeing as how it is going to be made available at the stated locations, at least some folks will get their hands on the hardware before it sells out.

Woah woah woah there buddy. Chill out. You actually will be able to walk in and pick up a pro 3. I have 3 best buys near me and all are happy to say just come in. This year / generation of surface will be more available then the last 2. So relax.

If they placed the windows button at the top or bottom of the screen I might have purchased this. But I know my right hand will keep touching it and causing the menu to pop up.

Thanks, but I'll pass.

Does anyone know if pre-orders are of the "release day delivery" variety? It would make for a fun weekend if pre-orders arrive on people's doorsteps then.

dbam987 said,
Does anyone know if pre-orders are of the "release day delivery" variety? It would make for a fun weekend if pre-orders arrive on people's doorsteps then.

Above in Microsoft comment it said if you had a June 20 release date on your rider you'll get it on that day.

Same thing happened with the RT and Pro orders. All we're delivered launch day.

IIRC, if you were in the continental US, you got your Surface preorder on the launch date, otherwise you might have to wait. I had a two day wait, and I'm in Calgary (Canada)

If you pre-ordered it when it was announced or a week or so later, then your Surface will arrive on time. I've ordered my first RT from MSS, and it came on time. Granted, this time around, I have to wait until August. :(

I am so tempted to go for the i5 right now, but I must resist.

The only reason I didn't get the i7 is because its not that much of an increase to what ill be doing. Its still a 2 core cpu. It does have HT which made me think for a bit but in the end ill be fine. If not I have 15 days to return it and change my mind but thats not going to happen.

I was thinking along the same line, but since these are not upgradable, plus the fact that the I7 could give the Intel 4400 graphics a boost, I might as go get that one. However, I am still debating.

I was in the same boat as well with GPU but then realized I'm not doing anything that gpu intensive. I believe if your going to try to play anything other then a small indie game or minecraft on this thing, your a moron.

Thats definitely my opinion but thats how I feel about it. Which made my buy the i5 instead of the i7 lol. I saved myself money, enough to buy a type cover and not cringe or get mad its an optional accessory and pick up a extra charger for my desk at home. So i have one at home and one on the go / to use at work.

@Sikh That's the same thought process I had in choosing between the Core-i5 and Core-i7 models. Going to save the money for the upcoming docking station.

Im thinking about the docking station but then I'm going to need a monitor to go with and current i have 2 computers with 5 27" monitors total. My desk / corner of my office looks like a command center. I don't know if the surface will join my desktop PC, or if it gets its own desk with its own monitor. Still deciding

I might. Ill be moving shortly so I might finally have my office the way I want it. I don't take pictures of anything until I'm truly happy with it. Currently my office is a corner of my giant room in the basement lol