Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post?

News aggregating site Digg has seen better days. Digg was once one of the hottest up-and-coming Internet sites before a 2010 redesign led its users to revolt and resulted in the individual responsible for many of the changes being fired. As a result, the company was forced to lay off 37% of its employees within months and has never regained its footing. Given the sorry state of the company, it's not surprising that it's been the subject of many buyout rumors over the past few years.

The most recent rumor comes courtesy of The Next Web. According to the website, one of the journalism industry's big players, The Washington Post, is looking to buy Digg. The Next Web claims to have been informed by multiple sources that The Washington Post is looking to buy Digg in an effort to increase its "social prowess." When reached for comment by The Next Web, both Digg and The Washington Post declined to make a statement.

According to a story at TechCrunch, however, The Washington Post may not actually acquire Digg's assets. Instead, the company would acquire Digg's employees to develop its own news aggregating site, Trove. This would leave Digg's other property, including assets and patents, up for sale to other companies. When reached for comment by TechCrunch, The Washington Post again declined to make a statement.

Digg founder and former CEO Kevin Rose was recently hired by Google after leaving Digg last year. Google was once one of the rumored companies that attempted to buy Digg before the site's traffic fell off drastically following its redesign.

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if you want the remaining users to completely leave the site, sell it to a big corporation. I havent been to digg in a while, but I bet this subject is there and they are all raging about it.

LOL....I almost forgot about Digg! Left it about 5 years ago when Kevin Rose's head got too big, and he let the left wing nuts pretty much control the site. Rose's should be the poster boy of "I should have sold when it was worth a zillion dollars".

It's funny, I always put the failure of Digg squarely on the shoulders of Kevin Rose... if he objected to suggested features, he should have spoken up or at least ordered the old version rolled back.. anyway, I moved to Reddit like many others

Goes to show that bad design can take you down if even you are successful. Ahem..reminds of more than one company that is doing bad design.

Rudy said,
After the redesign I switched to Reddit and never looked back

A lot of us did. Funny how cake days relate to the Digg redesign launch.