Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet apps released for Windows Phone

If documentaries are "your thing" then this should be right up your street. Microsoft, in partnership with The Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet, has released apps that when downloaded allow you to watch full episodes right on your Windows Phone.

Included in the apps are thousands of curated clips and behind-the-scenes material from Discovery’s award-winning programming. You can also pin shows of your choosing to the Start screen for quick access, or set calendar reminders for episodes you don't want to miss.

So, if you never want to miss shows like The Deadliest Catch or Myth Busters while on the move again, grab them from the Windows Store by following the links below.

Download: The Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet (US Windows Phone Store)

Unfortunately, these apps appear to be US only, but if you find them elsewhere, let us know in the comments below.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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If only these channels hadn't gone down the drain with mermaid and ancient alien trash tv.

honey boo boo on the learning channel ? Kill me now.


Animal Planet

They are all region restricted to US(this is a developer preference), Set your Store location to US and install them. Win-X or Right click the bottom left corner>Control Panel>Clock Language and Region>Region (change location)

Edited by dingl_, Jun 26 2013, 11:03am :

ahhell said,
I can appreciate that they are releasing WP apps but why would anyone want to/use these??

yeah whats the point of these apps.