Discuss: All I want for Christmas is…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for some, but with the big day fast approaching, many of us are still scrambling to get all of our Christmas shopping done.

Most of us will undoubtedly face the horror of receiving some truly wretched gifts from well-meaning family and friends, but some will be lucky enough to unwrap something a bit more exciting this year, having dropped endless hints to our nearest and dearest about what might make this Christmas that little bit more special.

Whether it’s an iPhone 5, a shiny new Microsoft Surface RT, an Xbox 360 or even something as simple as a new game we've meaning to play for ages, most of us tech-heads will be hoping that Santa leaves something awesome for us under the Christmas tree.

So what exciting techie-treats are on your festive wishlist? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet @NeowinFeed with the hashtag #neoxmas !

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A bigger apartment, lol. Sadly my lease only ends at the end of June, but I wouldn't say no to an iPhone 5 or a new laptop. My family though is not big into tech gifts, mostly because none of them are geeks, lol

I want a PS Vita for Christmas. Maybe I'm crazy, but I already have a tablet, a lumia 920, a fairly up to date computer, and no chance of getting the MSI GX60 gaming laptop that even if someone wanted to get me seems like it is sold out everywhere.

I don't celebrate Christmas as I'm a Muslim but I'd love to be given a new Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 920 or any other phone) because we don't have stores in our country (ALGERIA) and I can only follow and drool over one in these forums. Hell, we don't have LUMIAs at all, not even imported.

I bought an HP Envy 4 (Hardware is very expensive here in Mexico thanks to all the import/etc taxes .... ) , I've been using my smartphone as a main device for 7 months now. Finally a full computer experience

I would like a 14" notebook with HD+ (at least 1600 x 900) screen, true Ethernet port and under 2 kg. Not so many choice :'(

Money, employment, the US government not crippling its citizens, corporations not infesting the US government and hurting its citizens, the world to realize global warming is an extremely serious threat, etc.

Basically, I want what isn't going to happen until there's some drastic national movements.

I might get Black Ops 2 now that someone mentioned Xbox but i really wanted my Nexus 10 for Christmas, stupid Google didn't get their act right! I was even gonna not open it till Christmas morning.

Need to get new shoes but those aren't such a big deal, need new jeans too and maybe some boxers. LOL

Don't "NEED" new shows, just in the sense that i gave a way some to Goodwill (in great condition, some worn only 2-3 times) so my closet was looking empty. LOL. I still have about 8 pairs (boots/shoes combined).

my bad... boot camp. This is my first Apple since having an Apple ][+ back in the good old days....still getting used to things.

I'm just hoping to unwrap Halo 4 - my poor Xbox 360 has been relegated to media-player duties for far too long. I need to stretch its gaming muscles again!

Still, I've been SUCH a good boy this year - maybe Santa will bring me a Lenovo Yoga 13 as well... Yeah, I probably shouldn't get my hopes up on that!

Wishing that the Surface Pro would come out already...
But also building a new PC and having some issues, seems to be some different problem when I swap in new parts. sigh

Nothing really, i don't want to bum out this post but i think it's crazy some of the stuff people get for christmas and the amounts spent on them... why exactly?

I definitely prefer the giving much more than receiving.

All i plan for is new clothes, it's nice to be dressed your best on a merry day with the family... my partner usually buys them or i'll buy them myself... I would be happy if the whole gifts buying thing got scrapped and the day was focused on spending time with families.

Me too, I don't want anything much for christmas this year. Just to spend time with my girlfriend and see my friends/family

Indeed, me and my gf haven't traded any presents in the last 2 christmas, this year will be the same! Focus on what's important.

neufuse said,
people to grow up and stop acting like idiots.. not tech but all I really want

Wrong website man, wrong website

I want a portable hard drive, preferably 3TB and USB3.
And the new Logitech Rechargeable Wireless Touchpad.
And a Windows 8 Phone, preferably Nokia.