Discuss: One month after release, how do you feel about Windows 8 and Surface?

Windows 8 has now been out for a month. What are your thoughts on the operating system?

Now that Windows 8 and Surface have been out a month, Neowin wants to know what its readers think about the new operating system and tablet.

How have your experiences been with Microsoft's new releases? Have your opinions swayed at all, or do you still feel the same way about the products you did prior to their official release? This is your chance to voice your opinions about both Windows 8 and Surface (Windows RT included).

Topics related to the operating system – such as the current state of apps available or features that you feel are missing from the release (or features you love that were included) – are also up for discussion.

Let us know in the comments how you feel. Be as opinionated as you like, but do remember trolling and personal attacks will not be tolerated, regardless of how a user feels about the recent Microsoft releases.

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Windows 8 is the same than the Ribbon interface. The first ribbon (Office 2007) pretty much was an useless pile of crap. However, and only 3 years later, MS launched Office 2010 with a ribbon that works fine. IMHO, MS did it on purpose, first pushed a technology with flags and years later they sold the same technology but with all features fixed. MS can't claim that they don't know about the problems (or unlike) about the Metro interface, in the public beta, most people claimed against it. Windows 8 is just a long marketing campaign for Windows 9.

I like Windows 8 for what it is : the start of a journey to a new destination. Windows 7 was a culmination of all the work done and lessons learnt since Windows 95, with small changes along the way so people felt comfortable (although many accused MS of pandering to backwards compatibility and should start afresh)
Windows 8 is Microsoft trying to transition its users from desktops and laptops to new form factors, and according to latest figures sales of both desktops and laptops are losing to tablets - so they may have a point.
Is Windows 8 perfect? Nope. Will it improve, in much the same way that Windows releases have nearly always done (barring a few missteps)? Hopefully.

Right now, MS is in a storm. May be Windows 8 will lead us to an awesome OS. But, with Sinofsky out, we don't really have a clue where Windows 8 is leading us. May be MS will decide to cut the whole Metro branch and start a new one.
For example, Microsoft suddenly killed Sliverlight.

I like it. I have the best of both worlds, though, I 99% of my time on the desktop. Get a touch mouse (which I have) or a trackpad and things will be better for the touch parts.

Maybe ill get Hated for saying this...

My Expiriance with Windows 8 64bit Pro on a Desktop PC was great.

Like the Indipendant approach of Apps and DesktopApps. In term of Multi-Tasking ill Love it!

Have my Facebook - Twitter - MsN - Kontakt App on the Right + My Desktop Running my Browser on the Left and Writing Text on Word on the Desktop Right. Ill love to write and do research and this opened another Door 4 me. ^^

Now it got even better: Im using Start8 that Boots directly on to Desktop Mode and using the Modern Start Button to lounch my Apps. That is sooooo handy and ill perform faster becouse i dont need to switch from Start App Mode to Desktop Mode.

In terms of PC Performance ill find Windows 8 snappier then Windows 7...

The Suface is a must have for me since my Company thinks that it could minimize the Cost of Laptop and Tablet all in one. Plus having them both inside our Company network was a little of a chalange with the Ipad and Notebook...

Plus the Horsepower the Surface Pro has it would satisfy my needs... ^^

Great job Microsoft.

I have used all versions of Windows since 3.11 until today. For a month now with Win8 on a laptop with mouse and touchpad. I try to stick mostly to the App-world, and I love it! There are of course some things that need to be improved (printing from Reader, easier access to volume, easier access to shutdown), but it's a great start!

CRage said,
I have used all versions of Windows since 3.11 until today.

Me 2 - have 8 on 2 desktops and 1 laptop - happy with all three. Ordered a Surface Tablet, cancelled order, decided to wait and see what the Pro version brings to the table.

I love my surface, love Windows 8 on my Desktop and my laptop and I agree with some of the other posts here, Neowin has a lot of whiny little bitches who can't fathom people actually enjoying the experience and cherry pick the most trivial of things to hate on.

Small small annoying things, but overall it's just fine. Don't understand all the fuzz and rage.

Biggest gripe for now is the invisibility of my Homer Server in the MS Metro apps, and the way sound is managed between the desktop and Metro apps.

Funny thing is, after using my W8 laptop for a while, and using a lot of the Metro apps, I'm trying to close apps on the desktop by dragging to the bottom.
Some stuff is so easily picked up.

Dutchie64 said,
I'm trying to close apps on the desktop by dragging to the bottom.

haha, me too. Desktop IE got stuck twice, cause it would not close by dragging it to the bottom

I'm really enjoying the apps and Windows 8 in general on my desktop. It has a few quirks, but overall so much more enjoyable for the average user. The technie in general isn't going to like.
I do wish they'd fix the Store, mine is constantly having trouble retrieving data and timing out, yet everything else has no problem finding the internet.

Typing on my Touch Cover right now.. I got my Surface about 2 weeks ago and I love the experience that comes with it. The build quality is amazing, and it goes far beyond a normal tablet. I print OTA, I watch Videos form flash-only sites on my tv via HDMI, I can easily Access files on my computer through network and I really get things done.
So far I've experienced no real limitations to my usual workflow. Of course, the built-in music-app needs work because it is way too slow, otherwise I love the fact that I can access almost any song without it using any of my space.
And apart from some minor bugs it IS THE tablet for me. Nevertheless I hope they'll fix some of those bugs but I am confident they will, regarding what they've done so far.

Well I was on the fence about Windows 8 until this weekend.
I installed a WiFi network printer from HP (PhotoSmart 5560).
By the time I finished the setup on the Printer, it asked me to insert the CD.

When I went to the devices list in the new control panel, I noticed my network printer was already installed, and so was the Modern app. This was true on all my Win8/RT PCs.

On my primary Win8 desktop I noticed that the device had some links to get the recommended app or visit the manufacturer's support site which took me to the exact page I needed to download and install the companion desktop software. On that page there were release notes that said the application and driver updates were released 4 days before retail availability of Windows 8.

This sort of zero touch install is why I would recommend Windows 8 to anyone who has struggled with doing simple things with their technology.

Now I'm a windows 8 advocate.

I love my Surface and wp8 phone, Nokia 920. I also have a laptop with win8 installed on it. You people who complain about a lack of a start button need to change. You do realize that this is a step towards a pc without a traditional desktop don't you? Its obvious MS couldn't do a pure move to the modern UI it isn't ready and neither are the millions of users who are used to the traditional windows desktop. Mark my words, the desktop is dead. Also, in a year, 80-90 percent of all pcs sold will have touchscreens.
My only issues with windows 8 are:

Music app is complete garbage, as a former Zuner, the music app on win8 is very clunky and lacks features(ability to buy or select multiple tracks for purchase, related artists tab, speed, ui...) im used to. IMO, MS needs to fix their core apps and make them shine and that should be the number 1 goal.

Here's my take on the Surface:

I bought it, it was nice, games performance was subpar, frame rates dropped, choppy on most games.
The speakers SUCKED, can barely hear anything when watching Netflix unless I had headphones on. yes, i tried that "trick" to enable Loudness equalization but that was still an equivalent to maybe 40% volume level on an iphone.

Citrix does not work unless your company upgrades to Storefront which not many companies do. Why citrix MADE W8 RT to support this ONLY when iOS and Android works just fine with current offerings is beyond me. I couldn't use it for work at all.

nice thing is that it has Office and it was nice and fluent to use.

Some glitches when changing screens on bringing up on-screen menus, the screen flickers when the menus come up and go away. happened on every app. Sure this could be fixed with maybe a driver patch. no biggie.

Lack of "big player" apps. Pandora, Spotify come to mind. their music service was "ok"

The tablet version of IE had so many issues trying to render Flash content... where if I switched to the Desktop version, the page would come up just fine. It was a hit or miss.

The charging port is kinda weird, it doesn't just snap in place, you have to make sure you put it in right otherwise it hits the sides, goes in crooked, you name it, it's not an easy "snap" like Macbooks are. or the TouchCover for that matter.

The sound was glitchy most of the time, some games would have some sound, no sound or all sounds, and I'm not talking about different games, I'm talking about the same game.

I ended up returning it. I was mostly fed up with the speakers and the Citrix lack of support. it becomes an expensive toy if you don't use it for play AND work. TouchCover needs to drop in price, or generic ones to show up soon. I don't justify the $100-$120 for it but unfortunately it's kinda necessary because it's so much easier to type with it than the screen because it's wider than an ipad.

I'll see what the PRO version brings and what the price tag will be for that but I'm thinking it will be up there...

I've been a Mac user since 2005 and have been swayed back into the Windows ecosystem by Windows 8. I've been running the Previews and now an evalutation of the final product for some time. I've been using it exclusively for a little over a month.

The flow of working with the apps is so much improved over previous versions of Windows. The fact that the interface is consistent, no matter which device your run it on is the winning point for me. I'm currently waiting to get a Surface Pro when it's released. Also will be getting a Dell XPS 12 from my company.

It's even pushed me to trying out Windows Phone 8. I'll be getting a Lumia 920 in the next week or so.

Overall, it's been a great, refreshing experience for me.

I honestly believe MS could save Win 8 with a few minor changes. Win 8 is essentially Win 7 with some great new Explorer features and unfortunately a clunky 1st gen touch UI forced on all users.

Win 8.1 could re-introduce a Start Menu, maybe a classic Win 7 version and an enhanced Win 8 version, along with the new Start Screen for those Fan Boys who basically bent over and chose the hard path.

Add an option to choose your UI style at the install. first login stage - Desktop for those of us that actually value the great Win 8 File Explorer, and Tablet UI for those on tablets and laptops that will only need a tile interface.

Win 9 could then add more features to File explorer for the main PC hub and a Win Phone 8 UI instead of the dodgy Win 8 'One size fits all' approach.

I would have so much respect for an MS that said they was wrong and adjusted to OS to fit its user base.

Never going to happen. And makes no sense after the steps they taken into the one size fits all.
Go with the flow, don't force against it.

You'll enjoy it more. Like all things ;-)

I think Windows 8 is a great product. There are a few issues that prevent it from being amazing. But I honestly think the new UI is much better than the old, even on desktop. I must say that my screen is only 17'' so perhaps the gestures arent as exhausting as for some of you on 27'' screens.

Which is why one of my improvements would be a 'desktop switch'. A switch that relocates the charms to the bottom of the screen (with the start charm in the left corner) as well as a button that opens the list of running aps. When it the classic desktop the taskbar should add to the charmbar. With the taksbar being full metro, as well as the rest of the classic desktop.

Having said that, I'm fine with the hidden UI as I enjoy full screen apps. For example I find IE10 in the modern UI a much better surfing experience because the pages look much better without 20 buttons and 10 tabs floating around it. But I understand how people with bigger screens feel like space is wasted. So with a few small changes they could make the modern UI more in line with expectations of desktop users.

Of course they also need to add features to the desktop UI that are currently only in the old UI. But this seems like easy additions to me. I suspect Microsoft removed as much options as possible just to get feedback on whats really necessary. For example there are 8 ways to get to a location in the old desktop, with each new version of Windows adding a new method. Windows was in need for a clean up but I do agree Microsoft took it too far. No doubt they'll add many features with comming updates to make it more function.

Loving it in Server 2012 form.

Love the new taskbar updates, the new task manager, the new explorer UI, the speed, the hyper-v improvements, the multi-monitor improvements, built in iso mounting and burning..etc.......

start menu.... I don't really miss the lack of it actually.... the improved features indicated above make it worth not having..

Still haven't installed on my PC (a VERY broke month for Dartholemew ...), so my opinion of the OS hasn't really changed.

BUT I finally made it to a Microsoft Store to check out the 8X and 920, but ended up FALLING IN LOVE with the Surface. Seriously, I even started to see the merits of the RT version! The device is simply wonderful (though not perfect). I want one ........... but still feel a tablet would be a luxury in my life right now more than a need.

Yes, I've become a lot more frugal and pratical in my old age ...

The search is really a downgrade.

I can't search for any shortcut file (.lnk) that is not in the Start Menu folder.
Tied of going into the details, check the posts

Posted the problem in 3 forums but no useful response from anyone:

With Win 8 on a PC, I spend most of my time in the Desktop app.
I rarely visit the Start screen, I use Launchy instead.
The only other Metro app I do use is Mail.
To me there is no worth for the Metro half on the PC platform.

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