Dish Network now streaming TV online via Dish Online

Dish Network, a satellite TV service company, is now bringing you the same service from the web via With the rise of the Internet and popular sites such as YouTube and Hulu, and services such as the iTunes and Zune video stores, people are changing how they wish to view content. 

The New York Times reports that beginning Tuesday, subscribers of Dish Network will have the ability to watch TV and rent movies, all from their browser. Several of the networks that have partnered with Dish already include: Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, SyFy, Discovery, USA, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MTV. With the wide variety of channels that can be watched anywhere, Dish Network may finally overtake DirectTV and become the number one satellite TV provider with the new online service. 

In addition to watching TV and streaming movies everywhere, you can also stream what is on your DVR and you can program it too. Dish Network will let you program your DVR from a computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, and other devices. All that is required is a subscription to the Dish Network service and from there you can choose where you wish to view all of the content. These DVR-specific features do require the set-top box to be connected to the Internet. If that is not the case for you, Dish will still let you stream content purely online without the DVR benefits.

While obtaining online rights to TV networks has never been easy, Dish Network has made the stride and come out in a strong lead over other online solutions. A few concerns by  channel providers include the security of the login system, how many logins are allowed per account, and the advertisements shown online.

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If they start putting ads in there like you say it doesn't matter if you're connected or not. You'll still get ads. The only difference is that if you're connected the ads will be targeted rather than more generic. And by the way, most people who have Dish do live in areas where cable is available. Like me, they chose Dish because it's more economical and provides better service than cable.

You shouldn't hook up your Dish Network receiver or Direct's for that matter to Ethernet or Phone lines.... these companies are punishing their techs for not hooking these up during installs when most people don't have either. Many people that have to get Sat TV already live too far out to even get dialup let alone some type of Broadband. If you have it hooked up to either, unhook it...Make these Sat Co's understand that the future isn't about being connected - Lets not forget Dish has been talking to Google for some time now and rumors are they will start forcing Ad's based on what you watch to your TV each time you fast forward, rewind or Pause your DVR!!!!!
I'm dead serious guys, I talked to a tech the other day and the poor guy gets money taking from his pocket cause of this "connectivity" nonsense.

Paranoid much? Where are you talking about that people can't get a landline phone line to hook up their satellite reciever? I don't doubt that there may be some very remote locations, but they would certainly be very much in the minority. The phone or broadband connection is used for ordering pay-per-view and for sending updates on the health of the reciever for tech support reasons.

I think that all TV providers should have online 100% ondemand content. I mean if all someone wants to watch is Just Shoot Me and Modern Family, why not have every episode online to stream whenever someone wants. They can even have full commercials! If someone only watched those 2 shows. Then advertisers will only affect that person, a couple times a day, vs ALL DAY!

SaltLife said,
I don't want a dish, just iptv why need both

Yeah I wish I could watch Live TV over the internet, or at least more sports without having to pay an arm and a leg for crappy quality. ESPN3 has the right idea, though I still can't watch College Gameday, College Football final, The Sports Reporters, Sunday NFL Countdown or the Sunday Sports Center (which is kinda like Prime Time but still not as good, and "The Blitz" is kinda meh, anyway back on topic). NASCAR online sucks, NFL Online sucks, if I want decent sports I am forced to pay for f-in cable/sat which I don't even watch anything on but sports.

roadwarrior said,
The article says that the service will start tuesday, but it is already working for me (still showing as public beta though).

How's the quality? Can you stream in HD?

JonathanMarston said,

How's the quality? Can you stream in HD?

I haven't really tried it out much yet. So far everthing I looked at was SD, but the quality was acceptable.

This looks cool. Hopefully they will expand their offerings soon though since lots of TV shows only have a few episodes or clips from episodes available.

Bemani Dog said,
The cable companies aren't going to be happy with Dish streaming over their internet services.

once again, the bandwidth problem arises

Bemani Dog said,
The cable companies aren't going to be happy with Dish streaming over their internet services.

Comcast has a similar service now.

They need to make it easy clean slick and high quality.

I want something that can integrate with the set top boxes and DVR recordings. Maybe something built into Windows Media Center.