'District 9' creator allegedly directing Halo TV pilot

Neill Blomkamp's career was supposed to take off when he agreed to direct the a Halo movie. When the film was eventually scrapped, however, the South African director garnered acclaim for "District 9," which garnered an Academy Award nomination for best picture. Now it appears Blomkamp is back to where his career got started, however, as he's reportedly directing the Halo television series pilot.

Latino Review states that "trusted sources" has told it Blomkamp will be directing the show's first episode, though it doesn't elaborate on whether he's already signed a contract or is simply in talks to direct. Blomkamp has familiarity with the franchise beyond the failed movie, as he directed "Halo: Landfall," a live-action short film to promote "Halo 3."

Microsoft announced the Halo TV series alongside the Xbox One on May 21, with Steven Spielberg appearing via taped message to support the show, which he'll be producing. The show marks Microsoft's first major foray into original content for its Xbox consoles and services, though the company is expected to announce several other original shows, movies and documentaries to support its Xbox line.

Little is actually known about the Halo TV series, though Nancy Tellem, president of Xbox Entertainment Studios, stated in July that the show will have interactive features "from the beginning."

The Halo movie was reportedly killed because of extreme contract requirements set by Microsoft, and there's no indication that the franchise will make its way to theaters anytime soon. For Blomkamp, however, the failure meant he was able to direct "District 9," which was based on his short film "Alive in Joberg." Blomkamp is next directing "Chappie," a sci-fi comedy set for 2015.

Source: Latino Review | Image via Sony Pictures

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Idk. While I love Blomkamp's other movies, I'm more excited that Spielberg is the producer. Most of the movies that Spielberg produces seem to do really well. While his relationship with Shiah LeBeoff has seen him produce some of my least favorite movies of his, he is a great producer and I am sure that the Halo franchise is in good hands.

If you watch "District 9" closely, there's a lot of hardware designs and graphics that seem to be offshoots of HALO tech, like they took the scrapped designs and used them for that film. I remember watching it and wishing like crazy Blomkamp had been able to do the HALO film he wanted.

IF they keep the original storyline and expand on it, and IF they keep styling and design to the same mood, MAYBE it be something to watch.

There's ton of story to go through :-)

When I saw the trailer for Elysium with the ring world and the Pelican planes, etc. I felt like this guy is still trying to make Halo. I think he does a good job with the aesthetic of Halo, even when he is not making Halo.

I just hope this Halo movie makes it to the Windows Store. I would love to see this, but theres no way in hell im buying a Xbox One for that privilege.

Anarkii said,
I just hope this Halo movie makes it to the Windows Store. I would love to see this, but theres no way in hell im buying a Xbox One for that privilege.

it's not a halo movie, it's a series.
and they've already confirmed that the halo tv series will not be exclusive to the xbox one.

Anarkii said,
So it will be coming to Windows/iTunes/DVD/BluRay etc? This makes me happy

Im pretty sure it is exclusive to microsoft products, if not only the one.