Do You Care About IE 8?

This morning, my editor asked why I hadn't blogged about Internet Explorer 8. My response: "Who cares?" Do you? Maybe we both should. For weeks, Microsoft has been dribbling out information about IE 8, which has to be released as a public beta this week to make the self-pronounced August release. The most recent IE 8 blog post discusses new privacy features.

In rereading the post, from yesterday, Aug. 25, I'm thinking that I should have cared more about IE 8. Ridiculous blogs have interpreted new IE 8 privacy features as "porn mode." That's a dramatic mischaracterization of privacy enhancements that are arguably trendsetting. IE 8 will give users more control over privacy than any other browser. It's not "porn mode" but something much bigger. After deciding to write this post, I IMed my editor: "Someone should send dunce caps to ... every other blogger using that term. Idiots." I wanted to say something else, but, hey, there's nothing private about instant messaging.

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Internet Explorer doesn't have the biggest market share because people chose it. It has it because it comes packaged with the biggest operating system out there and people don't bother to do anything to change it, annoyed as they may be by it.

My response: "Who cares?"

This is why Joe won't ever get a real job. Sorry, burger flippers have more contribution to society than a tech blogger who doesn't know anything about technology. And proves it to us over and over and over again.

Let's see now. A new version of the browser that, naturally, still has the biggest market-share? Yeah, I'd call that significant.

Joe's pointless ramblings? Now there's something no one cares about.

I care. I was happy With Windows 98, thn Windows 2000 thn Windows XP & now with Windows Vista. IE is a part of Windows. It starts faster thn any browser. Huge plug in supports, better privacy, advanced options and speed doesn't matter with a high-speed connection.

The only IE I cared about was IE4, that was dope back in the day, made me switch from netscape to IE... much to the same effect as how Firefox 1.0 made me switch from IE6

You don't have to know caz IE doesn't support poop home based OS Ubuntu...hahhaha

Get some money, but a new PC with Windows Vista & know what IE is...:) best of luck

IMHO :i can see the iexplorer is a worthy but abandoned application for part of Microsoft, they update Iexplorer once every many years and only for justify to buy a new OS.

(Magallanes said @ #15)
IMHO :i can see the iexplorer is a worthy but abandoned application for part of Microsoft, they update Iexplorer once every many years and only for justify to buy a new OS.


Also, I don't care in the slightest, I prefer Opera or Firefox

I haven't used IE since 2000 (except in public access centres), so why care now, especially since it's no longer available on Mac OS X?!

I only care if IE8 is actually intelligent enough to remember my username/password at sites I WANT it to remember them at, unlike that stupid IE7, which I will NEVER use.

Yes, without IE, Firefox and Opera wouldn't have been pushed to develop they way they did. They had to be better than the installed browser, and IE getting better makes them have to do the same.

competition = good

As an Internet browser, I don't really care since my preferred browser is Firefox (I have my issues with IE and FF but thats another matter). However, as a developer, I'm interested to see how it aligns, in terms of web standards, with the other popular web browsers and my question will be, what additional work am I going to have to do in order to have my websites display the same in all browsers? That is pretty much all I care about.

nah ... why? ... i am fine with the browsers other than IE i am using .. besides ... i use IE only for 2-3 websites (it so happens are university websites) that are lazy to support other browsers ... )

Ive given up on IE8 for the time being as whenever I use it for extended periods of time I find myself having to go into task manager and end about 20 active "iexpore" processes that are still open. While this is annoying its got a double annoyance as the more empty processes that sits their the slower and slower it becomes.