Do you have an STD? Pee on your phone to find out!

You’re out on a date having dinner with the person of your dreams. You head back to your place, light some candles, and turn on some mood music. As you start making out, you remember that new app on your smartphone that tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You decide to ask the love of your life to pee on a chip so you can plug it into your phone and determine if they’re healthy enough to continue.

Sound crazy? It could soon become reality. The Guardian is reporting that a forum called the UK Clinical Research Collaboration have funneled £4m into the technology. No formal release date was given.

The technology will be targeted towards young people who are too embarrassed to go to a clinic, allowing them to be tested in the comfort of their own home. The hope is that people who think they may have been infected will pay roughly £1 for a test chip, leading to early detection and reducing the spread of infections to other sexual partners. It can also help prevent long-term health problems such as infertility.

Cases of STDs have been on the rise in the UK, with 482,696 new cases reported in 2009 alone. The under-25 crowd makes up the majority of the new cases, with two-thirds of the women diagnosed and half of the men diagnosed falling into that category.

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two-thirds of the women diagnosed and half of the men diagnosed falling into that category

WOW. More women with 'aids' than men... scary.

They should modify this for other simple lab tests as well (IE white cell count in urine for UTI, etc). It could potentially save a lot of time waiting for tests, not to mention a doctor can just glance at your results and say OMG INFECTION and prescribe you something.

This is just... stupid. I rather have a separate testing kit (which I can use at the comfort of my home). You don't want your phone to short circuit with goddamn pee for starters. These people have too much time and money in their hands -___-

What's next? The phone checks DNA and updates your Facebook status.
"Steve Jobs was tested for Herpes via Pee Test." Comment | Like


If you have to pee on your phone to be sure, maybe you are dating the wrong people. Here is a hint, if she has a cold sore on her mouth and an hourly rate, she is probably not someone you should be having unprotected sex with.

Hey, is this application integrated with Facebook? I would like to share the status of my STIs with my friends..

I was wondering when there would be devices to connect to smart phones.
Where at the point we carry a pretty powerful personal computer on our person.
Was thinking it only a matter of time before started adding sensor like devices to the cell phones as accessories.

HAha but what they didn't tell you is that if your found to be infected it then sends an TxT to all in your ph book telling them your infected and should not have sex with them

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