Does whisky keep you warm? IE asks that question in latest ‘browser you love to hate' video

Microsoft’s ‘Browser you love to hate’ campaign for Internet Explorer has provided a bit of comic relief when it comes to taking a new look at its browser. Sure, IE may have had a bit of a perception issue in the later part of the last decade but with IE 10 and now IE 11, Microsoft has made serious strides in pushing IE back into the soft spot of our hearts. Well, some of our hearts anyway.

Back again with a new video, the IE team wants you to take a new look at the browser with a song ‘Things Aren't Always What They Seem’. The video, which is a song form, asks a lot of questions such as does whiskey keep you warm and do Twinkies really last forever?

These creative campaigns have been a refreshing take on how to promote your product and the IE team has capitalized on this idea with several videos in recent months that have been well received.

While this latest campaign may lack some of the humor of the previous clips, it is engaging and witty. The animations and questions asked are likely to convince you to browse to the URL at the end of the clip to find out the answers for yourself.

The IE team has been promoting the browser on several fronts from the last year or so. While we have theses lighthearted campaigns revolving around the ‘browser you love to hate’ there are also more technical examples of the browsers HTML5 capabilities too.

Source: Microsoft

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I was of a similar ilk but i recently tryed a Japenese single malt (Yoichi i think) and it was superb. Honestly give them try, you might find you like it

Is funny how ie8 s*ck so much and is the default browser of vista and windows 7.

IMHO, the harm is not only done, the harm is **still happening**. MS should feels ashamed!.

Can't believe I've been using IE for the last 5 months.
Never thought that would happen after all those bad memories!

lmaobox said,
a great product needs no advertising.

Google Chrome must suck then because I'm constantly seeing ads for it on Hulu and movie theaters.
Where do you people come up with this crap?

siah1214 said,

Google Chrome must suck then because I'm constantly seeing ads for it on Hulu and movie theaters.
Where do you people come up with this crap?
Seriously on point here. Gimme a break. Although, IE needs addon support that doesn't involve native code.

NoClipMode said,
LOL literally all successful products have advertising.

Hershey chocolate didn't start advertising till 1970 and it was the biggest chocolate chip in the country.

The correct answer, if anyone is interested: NO! Alcohol will widen the blood vessels in your extremities, you will feel warm, but your core temperature will drop!
As for the ad, I didn't really feel the connection to IE10, I liked the previous ones better.

nub said,
The answer to everything was no.

No, it wasn't, I think... Lightning does strike the same place twice, lightning rods, no? But now that I think of it, everything else was false so, yeah, you might be right.

Really catchy and attractive video. I can see an audience that would like this style a lot. I think IE should be in the corner or in the beginning first.