Dollar General now offers Microsoft points, costs more than a dollar

If you want an new way to buy Microsoft points or even Xbox Live Gold memberships, and you have a Dollar General store nearby, you are now in luck. The budget store has just announced a new method to buy both of Microsoft's online services without having to buy a physical pre-paid card.

Dollar General's press release reveals that the retailer has teamed up with InComm for a new service that delivers Microsoft points and Xbox Live Gold memberships on a receipt at the register. The press release states, "At point-of-sale, Dollar General's cashiers simply scan a UPC and generate a receipt noting the number of points or membership period available and instructions for redemption."

The system lets people purchase points in $19.99, $24.99, $49.99 and $59.99 denominations. So what's the advantage over just paying for a physical pre-paid card? Basically, you can get now Microsoft points at your local Dollar General store without having to worry that they have run out of their pre-paid cards.

There's going to be a lot of people who get Xbox 360 consoles for Christmas, which means there will be a lot of kids who will like to get Microsoft points to download content for their new consoles. This new Dollar General system means that they can get those points without a credit card and without having to worrying that there are not enough Microsoft points cards to go around.

Source: Dollar General-InComm press release | Image via Dollar General

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Good. Less disposable plastic waste out there. It also ensures there isn't physical scarcity, takes up less volume in stores, reduces the need to deliver truckful of cards, etc. Welcome to the future where redemption codes are printed on receipts or smaller size strips.

Presentation wise, I don't think most people are that particular about the way a gift card is presented. People just want to extract the benefits from it. If there's still a notion that gift cards seem thoughtless, it won't make much a difference.

neufuse said,
I like how nintendo moved from points to actual cash, why can't MS just do this...

I thought I read somewhere they were... Windows phone doesn't use microsoft points anymore.

While they should allow you to use cash, I also like points. Every once in a while you can find deals; Target will have $50 cards for $40 a couple times a year. And since I use the points for music, it is like free music.

bguy_1986 said,

I thought I read somewhere they were... Windows phone doesn't use microsoft points anymore.

Most platforms have. XBox Live is one that has not and probably won't for a while.