Don Mattrick could get $50 million with move from Microsoft to Zynga

Don Mattrick poses with his new boss, Zynga founder Mark Pincus.

On Monday, Don Mattrick will officially be the new CEO of game developer and publisher Zynga, after serving as head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division, which includes the Xbox business. This week, a new regulatory filing from Zynga shows just how much Mattrick is supposed to be paid for his new gig.

The filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shows that Mattrick, in theory, could get as much as $50 million in cash and stock at Zynga over a number of years. Of course, as with most of these executive payment contracts, the final payout could be lower if certain achievements are not met.

For his first year at work, Mattrick will get $1 million in salary, plus a one-time signing bonus of $5 million. He has to give up that bonus if he is fired with cause or departs the company within his first 12 months of working at Zynga. He will also get a pro-rated bonus that will have a guarantee pay out of $2 million. In 2014, he could get a yearly cash bonus of between 200 to 400 percent of his current salary, or another $2 million to $4 million.

Mattrick will also get stock options in his new role, including options worth $11.3 million in what's called a "make-whole grant" along with another $5 million in stock in an “inducement” grant. Mattrick can also choose to purchase even more stock, up to the current equivalent of $10 million.

Source: | Image via Zynga

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"could get as much as $50 million in cash and stock at Zynga over a number of years"

Hopefully it's more stock...because that'll ruin plenty of days to come for him.

Wasnt Zynga the company that layed off 20% or something of its workforce just so they could hire this guy?!
After the ****-up he did with Xbox One, how could they hire this guy? Im totally shocked here, They should have to fire all them workers just to get this guy on board, he isnt worth $50,000,000 thats for sure.

The trouble is these games are all fads, they last for 6 months then someone moves onto the next fad, but I'm sure they make a ton from selling in game items.

Yeah that's why I think Zynga is having so many problems lately. Games like Farmville, Words with Friends, Draw Something, they all suffer from being played non-stop for the first 6 months and then people move on. These games aren't big enough to garner excitement or hype for their sequels either like big budget games are.

Can only hope the problems stemmed from management and not the staff. With the right game development skills they could hopefully release something worthwhile playing.

warwagon said,
I wouldn't feel to safe there. I think it's a sinking ship.

With 50 million on the table, I think there is very little risk for Mattrick